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How to get vinyl lettering to stay "stuck" on wine glass??

TraceyinFLTraceyinFL Member Posts: 4
Hello, I am new here. I found this forum while searching for an answer to my question. I am putting vinyl lettering on wine glasses. I am using Oracle 651 vinyl because I read it holds up well to washing. However, I am discovering it is not even holding up to hand washing (or drying is the problem). I used clear contact paper for the mask because I could not see through the masking purchased at a local craft store. This may be part of the problem. It left a sticky film on the lettering and glass around the lettering. I gently washed it with soap and water. However when I am drying it, some of the smaller letters are coming off. Is there a trick to making sure the lettering stays stuck on the glass? Also, any recommendations for getting the slight sticky film from contact paper off lettering? I can't give it much elbow grease for fear of losing more letters. (luckily the two I had to replace were on the ends so were not too tedious!) Thanks in advance for any advice you may have!


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