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Brother Scan N Cut Update

RebelChickDesignsRebelChickDesigns Member Posts: 11
Hi guys...Just got a notification from a post I had been snarky on at the Brother Crafter facebook page. They said that the website to convert svg files into FCM(scanncut) files will go live mid-November. This had me breathing a huge sigh of frustrated relief. I've been messing with that machine for abouuuut....3 weeks to a month now and I'd like to share my experience thus far if anyone is bored and would like to read it.

First off....I need to say that I love Brother products. My office uses Brother Printers, i use 3 Brother embroidery machines and 1 sewing machine. I don't want anyone to think I'm some crotchety old biddy that has nothing better to do than whine and moan about something. What made me so mad is the amount of money I spent on this machine and the complete lack of thought that seemed to go into it. Now...apparently this machine scans certain things PERFECTLY that needs NO editing. Stamping whatnots and die cutting thingies etc etc. These people ADORE this machine. My situation...not so simple, which is why I chose to spend $500 dollars on this rather than the $250 for the Cameo. I assumed that $250 more would give me $250 more quality and control.

So...after my few days of explosions of frustration about the lack of PC connectivity I figured...if ya can't beat em join em. So I hefted my office printer over to my table and attempted to print out one of the designs I was so eager to use this machine for. This is when I experienced my second little meltdown because trying to print out of Embird and have the scanner read it and do what I wanted was NOT happening. It wasn't smooth enough. This is when the frustration at the little screen and the horrid built in editing feature was discovered. I had no idea what I was doing, and there is no 'undo' button so if you delete the wrong thing accidentally (because the screen is too small to be able to see what you are deleting alot of times) then you have to start all over.

This is when I purchased Make the Cut. After stumbling my way around that for a while I figured out a few things and THEN learned that I could export a file from Embird Studio as a SVG. Angels from heaven swooped down upon my shoulder and wept happy tears. I heard a choir singing. All was right in my world. The file printed out perfectly for the Scan N Cut to scan and I was in business.

The scanner is good. Too good. WAY TOO GOOD. Which brings me to my next and current issue. The sad little scan mats I got get boogered up, scratched up, debris stuck on them...and the scanner catches each.and.every.thing. SOOOOO....Here I have my perfect scan...along with about 50 other things that I'm going to have to delete. One at a time. Not only that...the machine ended up...connecting(?) one of the scratches to the actual image I scanned and I couldn't separate it to delete it. When it cut it actually cut these 2 scratches from the mat because it thought it was part of the image and ruined the cut. I ordered a self healing mat that won't fit in the machine and I also borrowed a Cameo mat from a friend of mine but the lines are too dark so the scanner reads every grid line as part of the design so your only option is delete about 150 things. My only option is to purchase more of these mats from Brother. I do not like this. The cutter also does not cut fabric very well for me. I'm sure I have a setting wrong...or a blade wrong...even though I followed the chart for the blade and pressure settings. It cuts straight lines great but any curve of a letter it ends up snagging.

I stopped using it last week because it's just...plain and simple...a headache. I'm not a stupid woman and while I may be new to the world of 'cutting' I've been around the craft and sewing and technology enough to know that I shouldn't have this much of a problem. I VERY WELL could have skipped over some easy remedies and shortcuts and instructions that would fix some of the problems I have had and I realize this. I'm sure some consultant or whatnot will be able to reply with an answer for every problem I just stated and that's awesome. This website going live and giving me the ability to do cleanup work on a PC screen with *hopefully* more editing options will probably make me fall in love with this machine. I'm hoping so. Anyhoo.....this has been my experience with this machine.



  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 9,838
    @RebelChickDesigns - good, bad or ugly, thanks for commenting. This machine has generated a lot of buzz, so people need to read lots to be good consumers and making a good decision.

    It never would have dawned on me about scanning grid marks from a mat as part of a design. I do know that my traditional scanner bed if dusty will scan the dust particles especially if I am scanning photos, they show up on dark areas. I wonder if finding a very white mat of some kind, cutting to size and just using it with repositional glue or spray on your paper would work better??

    Do keep us posted, especially when the online software goes live...I think that will make or break things for a lot of people...I too could never work with a little LCD panel!!! Give me my 24" or large monitor...I like to see!
  • daffeydildaffeydil Member Posts: 3,001
    @RebelChickDesigns, thanks for this info! I had decided not to buy one of these but every time I see an ad about them I start re-thinking my decision. It is probably seeing that name "Brother" that gets me and the fact that I go berserk with new crafting stuff. That's what got me stung big time with the Cricut obsession. And we all know what happened there!
    Thanks to your info I have re-affirmed my decision not to buy this Brother product.
  • mzcarlamzcarla Member Posts: 5
    I have been using the Scan N Cut for a month and I'm sorry that you are feeling so frustrated. There are some simple solutions to the issues you discussed.

    When you scan, anything, it does pick up every little scratch, etc. on the mat because it is a great 300dpi scanner. However, when you are using the Scan to Cut Data, you don't have to delete everything you don't want. Instead, you use the arrows at the top left and bottom right of the editing screen. Use the stylus, press and hold each of the corners (one at a time) to isolate the item you would like to cut.

    When cutting fabric, you do need to pay attention to the cut pressure and blade settings, but there is also a test pattern for fabric, so that you can make a small test cut before you start. It works best when the fabric (without anything like applique wonder on the back) has the grain of the fabric running from north to south as you look at the mat.

    The mats do get yucked up, but it doesn't seem to affect how it cuts. I keep a can of sticky adhesive for when they aren't as sticky. It works great and will hold card stock.

    When using any software to print out a template, you don't have to convert to any other format- it works best when you print the realist preview. If that isn't possible, you can change a running stitch to a triple stitch, and it will print out smoother than a single running stitch in stitch view will.

    After cutting a lot of card stock, I cut fabric (i.e. for piecing so it had no backing) and it still cut great.

    Maybe take a deep breath and give it another try?
  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 9,838
    @mzcarla - thanks for your comments...would it make sense to have a blade just for fabric cutting, just like we don't use our fabric scissors for paper??
  • frogquilterfrogquilter Member Posts: 1,277
    Interesting commentaries
  • NittyPearlNittyPearl Member Posts: 1,391
    Thanks for the info. Been waiting for a real user review. Good and Bad.
  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 9,838
    edited October 2013
    @Rorysnonna - thanks Lysa...everyone contributing their experiences helps others to make informed decisions! Love it!

    I think you hit the nail on the head...our first cutter, whatever that may have been most likely replaced what we were doing manually...that was my experience. Any additional cutters we have added to the medley are usually to complement (or some cases to replace the dude cutter)...its not to say we would abandon those cutters that are still servicing us well.
  • scraphappy98036scraphappy98036 Member Posts: 83
    I am $100 shy of getting the Brother Scan N Cut and I can't wait. I've owned almost every version of Cricut machine and loved them for what they did with carts and with MTC. But I decided to sell everything Cricut and once done I bought the Zing. It has a learning curve that I plan to surmount, but I love the ease of the SnC. I've attended about 5 demos and 2 hands-on sessions and I love it. The only cutter I wasn't able to figure out was the Craft Robo - which I bought to avoid cartridges! Oh well...
  • AndyAndy Administrator Posts: 4,579

    Thanks for the update -- Keep 'em coming.

    So far most of my predictions have come true.
    I don't often test my code... But when I do, I do it in production.
  • darlenemcgdarlenemcg Member Posts: 326
    Okay I have to confess....after I decided to sell most of my cutters I bought the Brother SNC...it's just okay for me. I tried scanning stamped images that were in yellow, baby pink, bright pink. The scan looked good but when it came time to recognize the stamp for cutting it only picked up my bright pink. So I decided to go ahead and save the file on the machine and line it up with the other stamped images it didn't pick up on my sheet. I never did get it to line up; the screen is to small. Brother SNC seems to pick up black outlines and darker images the best for cutting.

    It's not a bad machine and I will use it when I can; most likely for large scanning, simple and quick cuts. Otherwise, I will just use MTC and one of my KNK cutters.
  • AndyAndy Administrator Posts: 4,579
    @darlenemcg -- Yeah, I knew it would have problems with light/pastel colors.

    It will most likely have problems with images that have Gradients and images that have Drop Shadows as well.

    This thing can only handle pure black/white images well. The rest, not at all, or very poorly.

    This machine only implemented the "Pixel Luminance Trace" -- the default trace in MTC. Us advanced MTC folks know that you can't trace everything in that mode -- some things have to be Pallet traced, some have to be traced by Color, some have to be Color Scan traced, some have to be grey-scale traced... And some can't be traced at all: you have to hand-trace those.

    But... again, black-and-white images will work like a pro... But anything that implements "trace" handles black-and-white like a pro.
    I don't often test my code... But when I do, I do it in production.
  • mzcarlamzcarla Member Posts: 5
    Hi Liz,
    I have been recommending that for those people who are going to do a lot of fabric cutting, that they may want to get a separate blade and holder for fabric. You could make a teeny little stick-on label for it with the SnC. haha. I really have gone from card stock, then back to fabric with no trouble but who knows if that will hold out long-term.

    I love what Rorysnonna has done with her Snc! I do recommend that when people are cutting fabric with an applique product on the back, that they make sure to get the fabric completely fused to it- don't leave any bubbles or loose edges. I was so excited to use it the first time that I didn't do a good job of ironing the Applique Wonder on the back, and the loose parts caught on the blade.

    It will be nice when the SVG files can be converted!
  • mzcarlamzcarla Member Posts: 5
    @Rorysnonna: where can I get the pattern for those wicked little treat boxes?
  • RorysnonnaRorysnonna Member Posts: 731
    That little nugget foldover is a cutie. I can't share the file as it is a Stampin Up stamp and die. Both are available for purchase through the SU website. With that said all you really need is any decorative tag shape that is about 2 3/4 to 3 inches wide at the center point and about 5 inches in height. Hershey nuggets are 1 inch wide. Fill your shape with artwork and do a print and cut. Find your center point and score out a half inch in each direction. punch a hole for ribbon at the top. Decorate as desired. 2 nuggets will fit. Hope this helps!
  • cleversomedaycleversomeday Member Posts: 1,183
    @darlenemcg you might want to check out the transparency technique on @Rorysnonna s blog as it would solve your pastel issue if you could overlay a black stamped version for the scan pass.
  • juliefesjuliefes Member Posts: 4,866
    I notice in photos that the cuts around images include a border. Can this cutter cut directly on the lines of an image without that border?
  • RorysnonnaRorysnonna Member Posts: 731
    It does but it is not perfect (just like all the others) Brother dropped the ball with no negative offset. The software goes live on 11/9 so we will see what that brings. I have many cutter going all the way back to the wishblade. I do like this cutter a lot. I just did a large client order for 150 die cut where they provided the print and I used a .4 mm border. Worked great, they were all uniform and perfect with little effort on my part, so it does have its place in the cutting world. I am of the mind set that until I can afford to buy a cutter that prints and cut without the paper being removed from the machine I will never really see the perfect print and cut. I do love it for the fussy cutting of clipart and rubber stamps. The scanning feature without registration is truly a plus. To sum up, like them all, there are +'s and -'s.
  • mzcarlamzcarla Member Posts: 5
    @Rorysnonna- thank you so much for the idea of the treat boxes. I found a couple of free, regular boxes online. The one I liked was too large for our purposes, but I shrunk it to 78% on our copier. I took the pdf file into Adobe Illustrator and erased the dotted (fold) lines. They weren't necessary and the scanner was picking them up and merging them with some cut lines, so I eliminated them. I added a little snowflake cut to the front of the box, and I'm going to use some brushed gold and silver metallic card stock. We're going to be making the little treat boxes for a demo during our customer open house on Small Business Saturday! I will send a pic later when I get to the store. The Scan N Cut zipped through them so fast! I'm hoping the 12x24 mats arrive in time so we can cut two at once. :)
  • mzcarlamzcarla Member Posts: 5
    I forgot to mention, Adobe Illustrator converts to SVG.
  • RorysnonnaRorysnonna Member Posts: 731
    Glad the favor boxes are working out. They sound awesome. Please post a pic when you have them together so we can all see your crafty goodness! The SnC software will be going live on 11/8 and I plan convert my favorite files to svg's using the MTC export feature. I love my MTC so I am happy that all my files will be able to be cut with the SnC. I just love when all things play well together.
  • RebelChickDesignsRebelChickDesigns Member Posts: 11
    I have Illustrator but to be honest my husband put it on my computer as he was updating his work software LOL. I used MTC on a whim to try and grab an image for digitizing in Embird and it did MILES better than Illustrator did. I'm sure it's because the learning curve with Illustrator is so much harder..but I've just been happy as a clam with MTC so far!
  • BethanyBethany Member Posts: 697

    Thanks for the honesty as I'd worried about those things as well. My mats get full of stuff and the idea of have to edit it..regardless of how hard/easy it is would drive me nuts.

  • RebelChickDesignsRebelChickDesigns Member Posts: 11
    I'm curious to see if this website actually goes live tomorrow.
  • LinLo1958LinLo1958 Member Posts: 5
    So has anyone got an update on this machine after the website launch? Still debating purchasing it.... primarily for fabric cutting...
  • KimKim Member Posts: 2,488
    I use Brother office products alot and LOVE them. BUT, I am wary of any "new" thing that a company comes out with, i.e. a digital cutter, when said company has never done anything like it before. Yes, Brother machines are great for scanning and printing, but cutting??? Don't want to even consider it until bugs are worked out. Not to mention, will the customer support be there if they get tired of fooling around with the cutting feature and give up? Seems to me that the price puts it in a market that everyone is not going to rush out and buy it, so their market share is not going to be huge. I may be wrong, so hence the "wait and see" attitude. LOL.

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  • onekindacowboyonekindacowboy Member Posts: 584
    This machine comes from the sewing and embroidery side of the company not the business/office side so there is quite a history there. Embroidery machines work on a similar plotter type system. So I don't think that the company will give up or that this machine is something so different from what they are producing already.

    The website is live. I have played around on it but have not converted any files yet.

    We got the Scan and Cut last week. It is my husbands machine so I have not touched it. I am letting him learn it all by himself. He is also learning MTC. It is hard for me not to just do it but I am trying to be patient so he can learn everything himself. He gets mad at me when I try to teach him computer stuff because as many of you know it is hard to show someone how to do something when there are multiple ways that you yourself do the same things.

    Anyway I will report back when I get the chance to play with the machine myself.

    It has worked well for what we got it for-which is cutting out our printed tshirt transfers.
  • MarySewNCraftMarySewNCraft Member Posts: 9
    I got a brother scan n cut for christmas from my wonderful husband and I really love how it cuts and scans, I've cut a ton already but I'm still having the roller jam issue. I meant to post in help and ended up in another one by accident, nobody else that replied had the jamming issue.

    Have any of you? It happened the very first time I used it, so I'm really wondering if I got a lemon, I'm about 6 hours from the dealer so not easy to just pop in.

    when i insert the mat, the right hand roller jams and doesn't pull through, hence the left roller does all the pulling and then the mat jams. big hassle. not to mention two damaged mats.

    I've contacted brother and they replied with some web sites FAQ to check out, which I did but none really helped. New mats was one answer, but no point as I already have two damaged mats, both ends !!!

    I did however manage to trick the machine into loading the mat, by pushing the faulty roller in first and leaving the other back slightly until the faulty roller pulled the mat in, works better when someone else pushes button. (not always an option)

    anyhow just wondering if anyone in here has had this ? thanks

    other than that, so far I'm more than thrilled with it.
  • KimKim Member Posts: 2,488
    LOL...well, I guess I am not into the sewing/embroidery arena of crafts so only know Brother from the office products. Never would have really thought of Brother for sewing machines. Mine are Singers and a Bernina and I don't especially like to get them out a lot.
    Proud Owner of a Silver Bullet Professional Series 24 inch cutter rated #1 by Top Ten Reivews http://die-cutting-machines-review.toptenreviews.com/ Tigger the Black Cat Cougar 24" - the cat with attitudeTM As Yet Un-named Silhouette Cameo Hot Stuff the Foil Master
  • seamstobesewseamstobesew Member Posts: 18
    Actually, imho.. Brother makes the best embroidery machine on the market for the home sewer. They are still relatively inexpensive compared to the other brands as well. Brother makes Bernina's embroidery unit for their machines with the embroidery feature.

    That said, right this very minute, I have the Scan n Cut in my Amazon shopping cart. I am seriously debating it. I really wanted the Zing, but the price is just to high for me at the moment. It's not just buying a machine, it's buying additional supplies as well. Like some people, I can't drive to a shop, everything I get that's sewing related has to be ordered online and shipped. So while I've done some research and I totally get the frustrations with fabric, I've read very little that's actually bad in terms of it's fabric cutting ability. The fact that I know how good there embroidery machines are is the reason I'd buy the Scan n Cut and they are offering decent support as well, not that I would really probably use it, but one never knows. My cameo and I have come to terms, it's only going to be used for marking fabric since I absolutely hate the way it cuts fabric and is such a hassle to find out I have to take a pair of scissors between what it doesn't cut, so my cameo and I made an agreement to only mark fabric from now on..

    I believe the Scan n Cut has been built more for the fabric market, I'm sure it's good for paper as well, but because it comes from there sewing side of the business I believe they would have concentrated on it's ability to cut fabric more than they worried about the other items, so in a sense, if that's the idea, it's the first of the fabric cutters to come along. I also do not think they will abandon it, I think it will just be improved upon.

    For me, I need to know what the proper supplies are to order if I'm only going to cut fabric with it. That's where I'm a little lost at with it at the moment, because Amazon isn't saying if the standard blade is fine or if I need the deepcut blade, or just the low mat or the sticky heavy mat. Those are confusing. I won't order it until I have those answers, and to me this isn't the forum for that, I wrote to brother to get answers to that question.

    As to the cutter cutting the mat, I've found with my cameo that's usually because the setting for the blade is to high for the object your cutting. Not having the scan n cut yet I don't know if that's the problem, but you could try lowering it to see if it does better.

    With the mat, they need to be cared for as well after the cut, no mat I've come across isn't going to have little threads from the scratching on the mat surface, so it is important for the mat to be cleaned off.

    Mary, I had that roller jam issue with the cameo as well, it turns out I wasn't lining it up properly before inserting the mat, you may want to check to see if there is any help with that issue. On the cameo there are 2 lines to the very left, it may be that the SNC has the same thing or something that will help line them up properly for the mat to go in and not jam up.
  • paupau04paupau04 Member Posts: 4,902
    @seamstobesew...I want my cutter to do everything. I know you have contacted brother, but this is my opinion. Get both blades if they are in your budget. What sold me is when we cut some heavy vinyl like butter using the deep cut blade. Most fabric, lighter weight and denim can be done with the standard blade.I went to a dealer's demo, which turn into her switching seats with me and saying, go for it, her 1.5 hour presentation turned into my 3 hour personal play session, and me just trying to cut everything in the shop I could. The heavy mat would be better for fabric. The tack is strong,paper is no coming off that one. The light tack I found doesn't stay tacky long. So you are going to need some kind of temp tac spray. What I also liked was that it could cut fabric without the use of heat bond or wonder under. As for cutting the mat, its going to happen, no matter how careful you are...so get extra. As for Brother support, I haven't seen a lot of that, so far its been a lot of user to user support. The pens are nice and work well so you may want those as well, if your Cameo will be ok with that. Scanning mat is a plus. I didn't get the 24" matt, but I did play with it. With the pen it did my design length of mat and cut as well. Fortunately my dealer is about 10 mins away and stocks everything.

    It could be improved and that screen seems to get smaller and smaller
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  • daffeydildaffeydil Member Posts: 3,001
    I love brother embroidery machines, sewing machines, and their now-gone knitting machines. I do not like their support at all! I also have not forgiven them for dropping their knitting machine line which was the absolute best on the market when they dropped the line and left machine knitters high and dry after they had spent mega bucks for their machine and equipment.
    Seriously doubt I will buy any more of their products.
  • tluck54tluck54 Member Posts: 419
    I love my Brother's embroidery machine mine is old but still runs great. As far as Brother's for office printer I don;t like them I would use HP
  • MarySewNCraftMarySewNCraft Member Posts: 9
    seamstobesew.....thanks so much, I will look for the lines.

    I'm on a road trip right now and hubby said i should bring my SNC but NO i said we'll be too busy, now while traveling and I'm surfing and see there are tons of free downloads for more designs.

    can anyone tell me what format SNC is?

  • paupau04paupau04 Member Posts: 4,902
    .fmc but you can use svg, you'll just have to convert them
    Who's sorry now?...Hell hath no fury as a crafter scorned!!! http://sitstayscrap.blogspot.com/
  • MarySewNCraftMarySewNCraft Member Posts: 9
    paupau04.........wonderful, thank you so much
  • DillonwDillonw Member Posts: 1
    The Brother™ ScanNCutCanvas site is live! https://scanncutcanvas.brother.com/en. You can use this cloud-based web service to create original designs that can then be put on a memory stick (additional purchase required) for transfer to your ScanNCut machine. We hope this service will relieve a lot of the stress you guys have expressed on this discussion board thread. As for the issues with cutting through mats, check out this information on their site: http://www.brother-usa.com/ScanNCut/TipsAndTricks.aspx#.UrBl17T9wfw
  • RorysnonnaRorysnonna Member Posts: 731
    I have been using the site since it went live. I have to say it needs some work. I use 2 programs to create svg files. The first is CAP2, The second is MTC. When I import the same file to canvas, they are different. Size is the issue and the amount of nodes (meaning I don't get smooth cuts). I like my SnC, really I do. I bought at release for the print and cut ability. But like all cutters it fails to do what I need which is to cut a page of tags (1 inch tags, about 25 to a 8.5X11 sheet of paper) without registration marks. I have been seeking a direct ear to Brother from the beginning and to be honest while the machine is getting rave reviews from the newbies and the fabric peeps, us long time digi cutter see the machine clearly. I will say it does fussy cut my well defined stamped images. I have both my ZING and the SnC at the ready and the ZING is working much harder. If you are an affiliate of Brother, please tell them we need to be connected to a PC and we need a negative off set on direct cut mode. With out the negative offset we cannot do a print and cut without the outline of the tag shape showing. Also most of us would be willing to pay for software. Most of us don't like to answer to other people's server issues.
  • paupau04paupau04 Member Posts: 4,902
    Who's sorry now?...Hell hath no fury as a crafter scorned!!! http://sitstayscrap.blogspot.com/
  • onekindacowboyonekindacowboy Member Posts: 584

    Yes I do like the machine but I would like to be able to cut rhinestone templates. It will not do this easily. The size being the problematic issue. I have to upsize the rhinestone function in MTC to make up for the svg import sizing change.
    It does work fairly well for what we purchased it for -which is to cut printed tshirt transfers.
  • RorysnonnaRorysnonna Member Posts: 731
    See this is what we are trying to tell Brother. We need a forum so that we can tell Brother what we need in updates without wasting @Andy forum space. This is a forum that uses MTC and PCS. We need a line to Dean Shulman so that he can hear what we need from the awesome cutter he created. And Facebook is not the place. We need a place to discuss issues, tips, work arounds and such so that things can be worked out and resolved. If not than you are just a huge company without an ear.
    @Andy, so sorry to waste space on this board, I believe you have set the standard of costumer service in my mind and I guess I just expect every company to be like you and Ann.
  • toniltonil Member Posts: 1
    Thank you All for the helpful questions/comments/feedback. I am thinking of buying the UK version although we get far less for our money (what a surprise!) and the selling of the SNC is geared more towards the craft/paper market than fabric/quilting e.g. no option for the extra 40 quilt patterns...
  • digicraftsdigicrafts Member Posts: 1
    We're constantly updating our decoupage downloads to include the Scan N Cut templates... why not have a look!
  • onekindacowboyonekindacowboy Member Posts: 584
    Thanks @digicrafts. That will be very helpful!
  • annabellannabell Member Posts: 1
    edited March 2014
    Hi I bought a brother scan and cut in February I live in UK, I was so excited when I saw it on craft tv but have become disappointed, been having trouble with mats losing stickness already and show every mark when scanning, and I can't even get hold of pen holder or pens. I have wasted so much paper and card and the worst thing no one wants to help. You can only get pens in America and when I complained they want even answer the question just go on about codes. I love crafts with my illness its my world I wish someone would help so if anyone got any ideas please I am all ears thank u, I did try contact brother and was ignored too.
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  • madeleinemadeleine Member Posts: 135
    edited March 2014
    Hi Annabell

    If you haven't already, take a look at John Bloodworth's blog. He has lots of information on the Scan-N-Cut here is the link gentlemancrafter.wordpress.com. I think he is also very good at helping people when they are having problems with their machine.

    If you are having problems with the mat not retaining it's adhesive, buy a tin of Crafters Companion Stick & Spray temporary adhesive and spray it on the back of your card stock. Do not spray it on the mat.

    I'm also UK based and have watched most of the demos. I'm not sold on the machine yet. I think it's far to expensive for what we in the UK are getting for £399

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  • paupau04paupau04 Member Posts: 4,902
    Annebelle, sorry you are having so much trouble, as the mat issue yes they lose sticky fast. When I use a cutter I use it, so take what you can from this. I use repo spray, I a can near by. I recommend taping off and respraying, but do I do that, no not at all, I spot spray as I go. For cuts, use the test cut button, simple idea and it does work, but no I don't use it as I should. For the scanning, if you can't get a scanning mat, place a white sheet of paper under the item you are scanning, double stick tape item to it. (just got idea for own scanning mat-try a page protector with a sheet of white paper and your item inside-I'll test that and let you know" I have forgot to change my settings and have cut through one of my mats, I just taped it from the back and just try to place my cuts around it. I don't know how the shipping goes but at last check my dealer was very well stocked. If you want I am will to try to find what you need and ship it to yah!!
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  • MarySewNCraftMarySewNCraft Member Posts: 9
    has anyone used a cricut mat with scan n cut, they are so much cheaper and mine for scan n cut is about worn out. thanks
  • hwganghwgang Member Posts: 2,805

    Sharon, just so you don't feel "high and dry", we repair and support Brother (and almost every other brand) of knitting machines. We got into the used market AFTER Brother quit just because we wanted to be a resource. There are a few parts not readily available, but for the vast majority of parts and accessories, anything you need is out there. If you've had to retire a machine because you couldn't find what you need, give me a shout.

    Although I have swapped over for the majority of my work to S/S/S machines for the simple reason that they make/made every gauge: fine, standard, mid-gauge and bukly and I love working with ONE system; my machine of choice, if I had to choose just one, would be my Brother CK-35. Love that thing and that was only ever available in small numbers with some very odd-ball parts.

    Take heart, there is still hope. The knitting machine sales model was so flawed, it was doomed to fail. Such a bloody shame, IMO.
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  • daffeydildaffeydil Member Posts: 3,001
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    @hwgang, thanks for the info about parts available for Brother knitting machines. I haven't done any machine knitting for quite a while but did find out that I could get some things such as needles from Charlene Shafer in Peru, IN. That is about 20-30 miles from me!
    The last time I used it two of my grandchildren made their mother a scarf for Christmas and they were just fascinated by the 'old-time' knitting machine. Made me feel ancient! lol edited to add: I probably should sell all my knitting machine equipment but think I will wait a bit. My knitter is just like an old friend and I hate to get rid of it.

    edited to add again! : I really need the disk drive to put some knitting designs on my machine. You happen to have one that is still working?
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