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Illustrator/Photoshop workflow

tb92676tb92676 Member Posts: 2
Hello All. I've been reading different threads about how to work with photoshop/illustrator when working with print and cut. I'm new but I wanted to share how I've been working back and forth because I think it may either help someone out or maybe someone can help me fine tune it.

I have jpeg files with clipping paths and bleeds I want cut. So the first thing I do is make a rectangle in MTC and use my jpeg image as a texture. Back in photoshop I export the paths to illustrator - open in illustrator and fill the path with a solid color. I use the pathfinder divide tool so I can go in and delete the 'negative space' for the inside cuts. When I am done with that I go back to pathfinder and unite the shape again. Save as an ai and go back to MTC. I then import my 'cut file' ai and align it with my image that is a texture and then turn that layer off. I print to pdf (I'm on a mac so I use a program called CUPS-PDF that installs itself as a printer) I can place my pdf that now has the image and the crop marks in indesign - but it could be photoshop or illustrator, make any changes I need to and print it out. Load it up on my mat- go back to MTC and cut it out using my illustrator paths. This way I get the control of my professional design software for the printed image but can still cut everything out perfectly.

Does this help anyone?Any ideas to improve?


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