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Pop Up Templates

LittleMoCraftyLittleMoCrafty Member Posts: 225
In the webinar tonight, both Julie & Susan talked about a pop up book they own, written by David Carter called "Elements of Pop Up: A Pop Up Book for Aspiring Paper Engineers". The book is available on Amazon for about $26, and one of the first two "most helpful" reviews suggests the following:

"The most useful part of the book, ironically, isn't even in the book: it's online at www.popupbooks.com, Carter's website. In the Surprise section, one can download all the patterns for making every example shown. Don't pass up buying the book, though. You'll most likely need Elements of Pop Up at your side to figure out how to assemble all your cut out pieces correctly."

Here's the direct link to the area of the website where the author has posted his patterns, but the entire site is really interesting, and there are a lot more patterns as well. I figured for $26 and all the free patterns on the web, I'd pick up the book, too.


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