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Webinar Recordings [Updated 07/20/2011]

AndyAndy Administrator Posts: 4,579
edited July 2011 in General
Hi Everyone!

Well, these Webinars have been pretty successful so far!

I am working out a schedule for future webinars -- I want to do at least 2-3 a month from here on out. And the offer still stands if anyone wants to run one.

I decided not to edit the video that was recorded. It would take too much time. So I just uploaded all of them as-is.

If anyone wants to edit the videos, take pieces out which are important, upload parts to youtube, etc -- you have free reign over the content.

03/25/2010 - 1st webinar run by Andy (Import a coloring page and split it in to layers)
04/27/2010 - April webinar (Part 1) run by Julie (Converting file formats)
04/27/2010 - April webinar (Part 2)
05/04/2010 - 3rd webinar run by Julie (Make a cat from scratch using MTC)
05/18/2010 - Converting: Stencil to cutting format and PDF Template to cutting format by Julie
06/09/2010 - Quick 2.3.0 intro by Andy
06/09/2010 - Basic Inkscape For Cutting Files (Part 1)
06/09/2010 - Basic Inkscape For Cutting Files (Part 2)
06/17/2010 - Adobe Illustrator Webinar by Tyler
06/23/2010 - What's new in Version 2.3.2 (Part 1)
06/23/2010 - What's new in Version 2.3.2 (Part 2)
07/07/2010 - Weekly Q&A (1st recorded one)
07/14/2010 - Weekly Q&A (Part 1)
07/14/2010 - Weekly Q&A (Part 2)
07/20/2010 - Weekly Q&A
11/09/2010 - Weekly Q&A (Part 1)
11/09/2010 - Weekly Q&A (Part 2: Julie - Word Book)
11/30/2010 - Weekly Q&A
12/07/2010 - Weekly Q&A (Part 1)
12/07/2010 - Weekly Q&A (Part 2)
12/14/2010 - Weekly Q&A (Part 1)
12/14/2010 - Weekly Q&A (Part 2)
12/21/2010 - Weekly Q&A
12/28/2010 - Weekly Q&A
01/18/2011 - Weekly Q&A
01/25/2011 - Weekly Q&A
02/01/2011 - Weekly Q&A
02/08/2011 - Weekly Q&A
04/26/2011 - Weekly Q&A
05/03/2011 - Weekly Q&A
05/10/2011 - Weekly Q&A (Part 1)
05/10/2011 - Weekly Q&A (Part 2)
05/17/2011 - Weekly Q&A
05/24/2011 - Weekly Q&A
05/31/2011 - Weekly Q&A
06/07/2011 - Weekly Q&A
06/14/2011 - Weekly Q&A
06/21/2011 - Weekly Q&A
06/28/2011 - Weekly Q&A
07/05/2011 - Weekly Q&A
07/12/2011 - Weekly Q&A
07/19/2011 - Weekly Q&A

It is recommended that you download the files to your computer first, and then open them in Windows Media Player. To download the files, right click on the link of the webinar you want to download, and choose "Save Target As..." (Internet Explorer) or "Save Link As..." (Firefox). Choose where you want to save the file to, and then click on the "Save" button.

Again, thank you to EVERYONE that hung out and listened to us!

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I don't often test my code... But when I do, I do it in production.


  • ruthgillis61ruthgillis61 Member Posts: 5,932
    Cool! Thanks Andy!
  • SBryanWSBryanW Administrator Posts: 5,287
    edited May 2010
    Thanks for making these webinars available Andy!
  • SBryanWSBryanW Administrator Posts: 5,287
    ******************** NOTE ******************************
    On the 2010-05-04 - 1st May Webinar.wmv webinar (the 5/4/2010 link above), the screen will remain unchanged during (approximately) the first 7 minutes and 40 seconds. You will hear the sound, but the screen does not change. There is nothing wrong with your computer or the download - we experienced technical difficulties at the beginning of the webinar. We will get better at this as time goes on.

  • KATHYANNKATHYANN Member Posts: 1,428
    Thanks Andy!!
    Kathy - Katiedoodlesgran
  • Tracy AndersonTracy Anderson Member Posts: 2
    Andy, thanks so much. The recorded webinars are awesome. I have had my MTC for 4 months now and have yet to use it, its not your software for sure it is my lack of extra time to learn a piece of software. I have had a Gypsy since December and have not used that either so you shouldn't feel bad. But these will make it much easier for me to get to using my MTC. Thanks so much for taking the time to do these!! Great idea and I just know this a great piece of software.

  • peoriagrammypeoriagrammy Member Posts: 598
    Thanks Andy, Bryan and Julie! I REALLY appreciate having these tools to better learn MTC!
  • LareiaLareia Member Posts: 86
    what about the April 27th webinar?
  • tlettlingtlettling Member Posts: 2
    Andy do we have the webinar from April here too?
  • linsayscrapslinsayscraps Member Posts: 397
    Hi I have been trying to view the webinar but when I click on the link just get a blank internet explorer screen and nothing is downloaded. Waited for ages but nothing happened. Can someone give me some help. Wondering if there is date issue as I am in New Zealand or what!!!!
    Linsay from New Zealand - Just Loving my Zing
  • JeannieHinNCJeannieHinNC Member Posts: 133
    Thanks, Andy. As alwasy...adding to a great product!

  • neldanelda Moderator Posts: 11,637
    linsay - I get the same. Try right clicking and "save target as..", download the file and then watch it. Mine is downloading as we speak (13 min left)
    In Indy, blogging along at http://papercraftingwithnelda.blogspot.com/ Lettering Delights affiliate - order through here to give me credit! Cutters: using the the Silhouette SD almost exclusively these days!
  • oldbeeoldbee Member Posts: 316
    that was brilliant thank you julie and Andy for posting the tut .
  • jane50lhjane50lh Member Posts: 8
    Thanks to all who make these wonderful learning aides!!! Without your time and effort I would probably not use MTC to it's full capabilities. Looking forward to many more great webinars.

    Thanks again to all concerned.
  • debby8460debby8460 Member Posts: 234
    Thank you Andy, I had to leave and go to work and I was working on the cat as Julie was doing it. So I need to finidh it. Now I will know how to do it. Thanks again.
    Enjoy life to the fullest, for tomorrow comes to fast. The road to success is always under construction. Cuts with the Expression.
  • judyx1343judyx1343 Member Posts: 683
    grrrrr, dial up 17 hrs. but what the heck I will have it when its done. lol
  • jstfrmnitajstfrmnita Member Posts: 9
    Thanks for all the information you give. The webinars are great. Anita
  • linsayscrapslinsayscraps Member Posts: 397
    Thanks for the help. Downloading now. Will be able to watch after work.
    Linsay from New Zealand - Just Loving my Zing
  • juliefes_ID1966juliefes_ID1966 Member Posts: 340
    I have finished posting the printable PDF tutorials files that go along with the April and First May Webinars.
    Here is a list of them. You may download them by joining the free MTC_Tuts Yahoo group and going to the Files section there.
    Tutorials posted at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MTC_Tuts/files/

    Topics Covered in the April Webinar:

    Files > 01_Introductory_Lessons

    File Conversions

    Files > 02_Basic Lessons


    Files > 03_Intermediate_Lessons


    Topics Covered in the First May Webinar

    Files > 01_Introductory_Lessons


    Files > 03_Intermediate_Lessons

  • ScrappinPattyScrappinPatty Member Posts: 92
    is there a way to save the newest webinar to my computer? many thanks
  • SBryanWSBryanW Administrator Posts: 5,287
    ScrappinPatty - yes. Right-click on which every one of the links in the first post you want to download, then select "Save Target As ..." (MS Internet Explorer) or "Save Link As ..." (Firefox). Then pick where you want to save it and click on "Save"
  • KarleenKarleen Member Posts: 47
    I watched the webinar with my daughter and want to thank you all for a great informative show. can't wait for the next one. Thanks
  • ScrappinPattyScrappinPatty Member Posts: 92
    Thanks SBryanW.....all I can say in my defense is DUH.....I knew that.... having a brunette moment here LOL (I wouldn't insult my blonde friends with my dinginess) Thanks again....
  • maguitaincmaguitainc Member Posts: 4
    Thanks a lot to everybody. The webinars are great!
  • TinaTina Member Posts: 10
    Thanks so much learnt loads from these! Learning every day, big fan of MTC, and by the way you are also teaching me how to use my pc as a side effect lol. Great work guys :)
  • MichelleMyBelleMichelleMyBelle Member Posts: 4,632
    Appreciate you having the Webinars Andy, also to Julie for the last one.
  • prek teacherprek teacher Member Posts: 8
    Is there a way for me to rewind, fast forward, or pause while watching the webinar?
  • qfromnsqfromns Member Posts: 668
    Thank you so much julie.....great job on the webinar...now another thing i have learned that " i can do it myself" lol.....already hooked on the colouring pages now i can get hooked on making "my own" animals and things....
    Again ....thanks...
    also thanks again Andy for a fantastic program to start with to use with all these other things....
    God bless.....
  • juliefes_ID1966juliefes_ID1966 Member Posts: 340
    Yes, you can use the buttons at the bottom of the Windows Media Player screen. Fast Forward while the video is playing. Try saving the video to your computer first, then playing it.
  • SewsnazzySewsnazzy Member Posts: 1,150
    edited May 2010
    I missed most of the second webinar so I hope you'll post it soon. Please!!!
  • goCricutgogoCricutgo Member Posts: 83
    I am so looking forward to the second webinar that Julie did, I had to miss that one. I really am trying to be patient, but wonder if anyone has heard anything on this. Thanks

  • SBryanWSBryanW Administrator Posts: 5,287
  • AndyAndy Administrator Posts: 4,579
    they are uploading now! About another hour or so
    I don't often test my code... But when I do, I do it in production.
  • AndyAndy Administrator Posts: 4,579
    OK -- the main post has been updated to include Julie's April webinar -- we split it into 2 parts because of the length.

    Thanks to Bryan for spending all of that time splitting, converting and uploading! You saved me tons of work!
    I don't often test my code... But when I do, I do it in production.
  • juliefes_ID1966juliefes_ID1966 Member Posts: 340
    Thanks so much Bryan for working to get these videos edited for posting, and thanks, Andy, for posting them here.
  • iggyloveriggylover Moderator Posts: 11,513
    Thanks to all three of you!
    "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing" Edmund Burke Jeanette in Orange County, CA Love my Italian Greyhound --> I.G.--> iggy Own a Create: Krikee, getting used to a Black Cat Cougar: Bagheera
  • nannananna Member Posts: 205
    I just watched the May webnar.


    Now I need to go watch the April ones.

    All you guys and gals are amazing!

    Thanks a million for all you do.

    Off to play!
  • SewsnazzySewsnazzy Member Posts: 1,150
    Thank you so much for the April webinars. I know they will be awesome, Julie is a great teacher and very generous with her knowledge. I love, love, love this program and can't wait to see what you come up with next. I wish you much success and happiness.
    Many Blessings.
  • rose481rose481 Member Posts: 242
    edited May 2010
    Thanks so much for the Webinars! Is anyone else having a problem with Part 2 of Julie's April Webinar?

    Edited to add: I have sound for the first 34-35 seconds, then it just quits. MTC screen is showing, but not movement. Hmmm? And I do not have the sound on the video or my PC muted.
  • goCricutgogoCricutgo Member Posts: 83
    Thanks so much for all your hard work Bryan and Andy. Know what I'm doing this afternoon!!!

  • juliefes_ID1966juliefes_ID1966 Member Posts: 340
    Right click on the link, and select Save Target As or Save Link As. You need to save the videos to your computer, then run them from your computer. They are too long to view online.
  • carterbkcarterbk Member Posts: 116
    Thank you so much guys and gals. We all appreciate all the hard work you do.
  • TamTam Member Posts: 1,523
    I downloaded all of the tuts last night and am taking them with me to the lake. No internet service down there, and I'm thrilled to be able to learn and watch. Thanks for all who had a hand in these.
  • chateechatee Member Posts: 72
    I downloaded the links to my computer to watch later. I also downloaded the PDF tuts from yahoo MTC tuts group. I saved them to my SD card so I could read them on my Sony book reader. :)
  • lafreilafrei Member Posts: 206
    Just watched the webinair tonight, NICE. Short notice can be good I was online anyway worked for me. Look forward to watching others now I'm off to save them.
    Lou Ann in Nebraska ~ Got ZING my style!  + Brother Scan-N-Cut, + Silhouette SD, and Bug-E until it dies.
  • rachellann_ID714rachellann_ID714 Banned Posts: 10,251
    Watched was dis appointed that she mention short commings and yes we know it is still new but if you do a webinar at least keep unkindly feelings about the program to yourself. Andy is working very hard to get everything into the program and it does take time heck he give free upgrades never a need to buy more where other charge for each new version I think thet if a person does a webinar it should be done for the good not pointing out what it does not have yet. This Is my opion
    image image image Rachellann uses the Black Cat Cougar, Gazelle, Expression, and 34 inch MH871 vinyl cutter http://www.thymegraphics.co.uk/index.asp http://www.thatsscrapinc.com/ My Blog is: http://rachellsmanycrafts.blogspot.com/
  • daffeydildaffeydil Member Posts: 3,003
    I did not notice anything detrimental said about MTC other than the program was in its infancy and that Andy was working on an upgrade. There were several praises for the program, though.
    I applaud Julie and Bryan for taking the time to share their knowledge and Andy for the program, the webinars, and the recorded versions of the webinars for those who are unable to attend the live ones.
    Thanks guys!!!!!!!

  • Lindacrew4_ID713Lindacrew4_ID713 Member Posts: 4,537
    had no idea, wish there was a little more notice.
  • juliefes_ID1966juliefes_ID1966 Member Posts: 340
    edited May 2010
    Sorry for the late notice. Someone had a question on this topic, and it was much easier to explain the process via video. If you were not able make it, be sure to see the recording after it is posted. Look for it in the first message of this thread.

    I announce all of the Webinars by Special Notice in the MTC_Tuts group.
    If you are not in that group, and would like to receive e-mail notification of the upcoming Webinars, you might like to join there. If you are a member there, and have selected the Web Only option, you may want to switch that to Special Notices so you will receive messages when new tutorials or Webinar information are posted.

    The Webinars are also announced here in the Forum.

    I realize that because of the late notice, some may not have received the message in time to get into the Webinar. We are working on streamlining the scheduling process for future Webinars. Thanks for your patience.

    We know that many people will not be able to attend any given Webinar due to schedule conflicts, so we are thrilled that they are being recorded and made available here, thanks to Bryan and Andy. Thanks, Guys! We look forward to having the May 18 Webinar uploaded soon.
  • DeanaDeana Member Posts: 975
    these webinars are a great learning tool for its users and andy has created one of the greatest programs ever.where else can you get this kinda training for free????no where they all charge for this even when you own their program.Andy your the bomb.cant wait till there is a webinar on embossing...hint hint amy c..
  • AndyAndy Administrator Posts: 4,579
    Alright -- just finished uploading the webinar from 5/18

    Here is a link to it...

    Thanks everyone!
    I don't often test my code... But when I do, I do it in production.
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