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Cutting order problem - Grouped cutting preferred for Filled Engraving

DawnHillDawnHill Member Posts: 2
I love the true right to left cutting order fix, and often it speeds up the cutting process - Except when engraving.

I engrave hatch-filled words (at slow speeds), which used to take 1-3 hours on my large projects. Now with the true right to left cut, the machine will cut one hatch from a letter, move and cut one hatch from the next letter, move and cut one from the next, and so on until every letter in the line has one hatch. Then it will do the same thing with the second hatch, and so on. Much more traveling than it used to.

Previously, the machine would engrave a full letter before moving over to the next. It's probably 5-10x slower for me to engrave this way now. A big problem!

Sometimes I can group letters in such a way (right to left) to engrave faster, but it depends on the design.

I would love to see the option to go back to the old cutting order. In the meantime, I think I'll have to go back to my original CD version, but I'm sad to miss out on all the helpful new updates!


  • susan_ID2293susan_ID2293 Member Posts: 2,919
    Are your words welded? If not, you could put each letter on its own layer and then just "cut" 1 layer at a time. That would force it to finish one before doing the next.
  • DawnHillDawnHill Member Posts: 2
    Thanks, Susan! No, I don't weld the words, but we're talking hundreds of letters.

    I do something similar when I group the letters from front to back (not right to left as I typed above - oops) into layers and cut one layer at a time. That does help a lot, but it's impractical in some of the designs. It can be dozens of layers as you can imagine!

    With the old cutting order I can get away with 6-10 grouped cutting layers and be fairly efficient.

    Ideally, I prefer to minimize project moving on the rollers from front to back as well. Less chances for problems with the project returning to 0,0.
  • l00pyl0ul00pyl0u Member Posts: 281
    have to agree with this comment. following the webinar yesterday, I have created a 4 sided word pop up card, as per Andys example, having cut it in another software as an svg, (possible issues with the cutter NOT MTC!) it is taking forever to cut exactly the same svg, which was created in MTC originally. Andy these 4 sided pop ups have loads of cut and score lines, please can we speed it up? xxx
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  • roseofsharonroseofsharon Member Posts: 225
    I'm going to bump this back up, as I am searching in the forums to see if there's a way to change the cutting order. Yes, I love the right to left, but like the comments above me, would LOVE to have an option to go back to the old way for some projects, as it takes much longer, especially with score lines and words. I see this thread is a few months old, and if it's been changed or added since then...can someone please direct me to how to change it? Thanks!
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  • JaimeEJaimeE Member Posts: 133
    Bump. This is driving me nuts. I have duplicated my design, there's 12 of them on the gold vinyl. Cutting the smaller inside stuff and jumping up and down the mat to do it is insane. It's taking far too long to cut this with MTC 4.6.1. This jumping around is even more magnified when I cut a rhinestone file.
  • AluminumAluminum Member Posts: 21
    DawnHill said:

    Ideally, I prefer to minimize project moving on the rollers from front to back as well. Less chances for problems with the project returning to 0,0.

    I'd second this as well! Particularly for projects with really long materials (rolled vinyl, etc) that are fed back and forth and back and forth by the rollers.

    Taking a step back, I can see reasons why different projects would benefit from different ordering methods. Perhaps this could be user-selectable? (Even something simplified, like options for "Minimize roller movement", and "Minimize cutter travel", would be very helpful!) :-)

  • undecidedundecided Member Posts: 501
    @DawnHill what do you 'engrave' I am curious....

    I found this post, because I was noticing all of the jumping around and wondering why it would do that....
  • SampheapSampheap Member Posts: 122
    Thought I would find a way here, but it is still a feature in request :(
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