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Setting for Oracal 951 vinyl for a Cameo

Anybody found any good settings for blade depth, pressure, and all that when cutting the Oracal 951 vinyl? It does OK with nice straight lines but when you cut out a font with any swirls or curves to it, it shreds the vinyl to pieces because it is soooooooo much thinner than the 651 vinyl. I know not many people probably use that one, but I thought I'd ask just in case. I only have it in one color, but I had a TIME and a HALF today trying to cut out the words Mother of the Bride!!!!!!!! GEEZ!!! I played with every setting on the machine and never found one that did not lift up corners or shred the vinyl. The blade depth is at the lowest I can put it and that is usually the thing that makes it lift corners, right? What a pain!!! I'm starting to really hate the color coral!! lol


  • RainydaysunshineRainydaysunshine Member Posts: 1,408
    I use it it on some of the Semi trucks I do, and yes its a buger to cut, specially to remember to change the settings, because it is just a part of the decal for the trucks.. First a little about my cameo~ for vinyl I have to have the blade out to 3, pressure at 9, and speed just depends on intricacy (probably spelled wrong). So with the 951, I lower the blade to 2, and drop the pressure to 5, it seems to work best. I know most people use the blade at 1 for vinyl, so maybe lower the pressure to 4 or 3.. And I would just do a small square or something, nothing to waste a lorge amount of vinyl, till you get your settings correct..
    Hope this helps.
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  • LyricalLettersLyricalLetters Member Posts: 191
    Thank you so much! I appreciate the help! I will give it a try and see what happens. For some reason when most people use their Cameo they only have to put the pressure on about 10 but on mine even with a new blade I have to put it on 23+ just to get it to cut all the way through so mine may be a little different. Not sure why it's like that, but I've had two (first one was terrible and they replaced it) and both of them have been the same. BUT, I will try to lower it even more than I did yesterday and see if I can find the right number. BOY!!! What a pain! So you do Semi trucks??? That is cool! I have a customer who is a dirt track race car driver (and he's only 12 years old-lol) and I do the decals for his car. I just use the regular 651 most of the time though since they change it out quite often (as I said-he is TWELVE-lol-changes his mind a lot). That makes it easier for them to remove. I'd go NUTS if I had to use the 951 for everything!!! NOT FUN!!! Thanks again Dawn!
  • Chinook203Chinook203 Member Posts: 254
    I cut the 951 a lot and the avery....can't remember the number as I pitched it once I switched to 951. Blade depth 2 and thickness 3 and it cuts it fine. 651 I have it at blade depth 2 and thickness 7 to 10 (my cameo has major mood swings)
  • RainydaysunshineRainydaysunshine Member Posts: 1,408
    Did you get it figured out??
    I also do outlaw Karts, I love doing them. Thankfully the 951 is only on the white semis, which they only get like one for every 5 they get, the owner says its just to throw people off, hes a little odd ball.. ;) The outlaw karts are fun, mostly cause most of them are for kids, and they come up with the silliest stuff, alot of things that their parents kind of roll their eyes at, but I Love designing them for the younger ones.. Fun, fun..
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  • LyricalLettersLyricalLetters Member Posts: 191
    Well, Chinook203, apparently mine has mood swings too...lol... I have ALWAYS had to put mine on a pressure/force of at least 23 even with a brand new blade just to get it to cut all the way through the vinyl with no problems. I've tried lowering it and it has NOT been good at all! The other day, when I was trying to cut the 951, I had changed out my blade to see if that would help any. The other blade was working just fine on 651 so I would have had no other reason other than to cut the 951. Well, after MUCH adjusting of EVERYTHING, I now have my blade depth on 1, my force on 7 and it is cutting fine..... Go figure!! I've NEVER been able to put it on 7 before. Now, here is where it gets interesting.... If I put the OLD blade back in (which used to be set on 23 in order to work), it is cutting fine on 7 too. Not sure WHAT is going on but I can't explain it other than PMS maybe??????? lol

    Thanks for the help! I appreciate it!
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