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Looking for some help with a design/logo

Hi all. My hubby would love it if I could make him a new Maxim 650 emblem for his bike. The best picture we could find is the one I have pasted below. All I need is the gold lettering. I have tried to pixel trace but I cannot get sharp corners on the letters. I am no expert in PSE but I tried to erase the background to get less interference but because the picture is not good I still can not seem to get a nice sharp corner on the letters. Can anyone help or does anyone know of a font that is just like this? Thanks so much
650 emblem.jpg
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  • Jax69Jax69 Posts: 154Member
    I'd first convert that to Black and white since you are probably making a vinyl decal. Then from there it would be easier to convert or trace..Hopefully this will help...
    maximma bw.jpg
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  • SBryanWSBryanW Posts: 4,405Administrator
    With something that low of resolution, but with simple shapes, another option you have is to hand trace/draw it with the pencil or bezier tool. Here is my attempt:

    Maxim 650.mtc
  • tambur8tambur8 Posts: 28Member
    You guys rock!!! Thank you so much. My husband will be thrilled. I am off to try this out. I will post a picture when I am finished. Thank you again!!
  • tambur8tambur8 Posts: 28Member
    Bryan would you be able to go over this on the next webinar......or has this already been covered?
  • SBryanWSBryanW Posts: 4,405Administrator
    tambur8 said:

    Bryan would you be able to go over this on the next webinar......or has this already been covered?

    I added it to the list for tomorrow's webinar.
  • tambur8tambur8 Posts: 28Member
    Awesome!!! Thank you. I am not sure that I will be able to catch it while it is going on but I will certainly watch it as soon as it is available. Thanks again
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