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Make The Cut! Version 4.4.0

AndyAndy Administrator Posts: 4,579
edited February 2013 in MTC Updates
Hey Everyone...

We updated Make The Cut! out of Beta and in to production at version 4.4.0.

If you missed the 4.3.X series of Make The Cut!, you can check out all the features added since 4.2.0 by clicking here.

In version 4.4.0 we are introducing the following features:

Warp Objects To Path: This feature is almost identical to Wrap Objects To Path, but now it has an option to warp (Includes "Live Edit"!).
It's hard to explain everything on a forum, so I made you a couple videos:
Warp Objects To Path Pt. 1
Warp Objects To Path Pt. 2

Star/Polygon and Spiral Tools added: Similar to Inkscape's tools, these features allow you to create unlimited kinds of stars, polygons and spirals. Here are some videos on how to use them:
Archimedes' Spiral Tool
Star/Polygon Tool

Other smaller updates:
- Bezier Warp now warps properly when warping to an open Beizer curve (works similar to "Bend" deformation in other programs)
- SVG/PDF fixes
- Zoom to Mat (Ctrl+3)

The download for 4.4.0 is on Make The Cut! homepage.

Thanks everyone for hanging in there and waiting patiently for this release!

-The Make The Cut! Team.
I don't often test my code... But when I do, I do it in production.
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