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E craft machine-DONT BUY THIS

ubennettubennett Member Posts: 1
I bought an ecraft machine about 6 months ago, but despite a great deal of patience and time, I COULD NOT get the machine to work properly. It tore paper and card by the boxful- I don't think I cut anything with it that wasn't damaged or torn, and the software was VERY poor. Despite seaching for solutions on the internet and uTube, I still had no luck, so I returned it to Craftwell to test, as I was convinced there was a problem with it. However en route back to them it got damaged by THEIR courier. The subsequent service from Craftwell was not what I would have expected, very poor regard for their customers, but eventually after about 2 months of chasing them, and with a very condesending attitude, they sent a new machine. In the meantime however I bought a Cougar and the difference in quality of cut and software is incredible. The Cougar is a pleasure to use, it is reliable and so precise, I waste little card and paper and I can use really sophisticated software to get a great result.

The eCraft machine went straight onto ebay. If you are even considering buying one-DON'T.


  • kmmhugkmmhug Member Posts: 890
    You are not the first one who has posted here with that sentiment. It seems most hate that machine, but every once in a while there is someone that loves it. I am glad you are happy with your Cougar. I love mine to!
    Loving my Cougar, Cameo and new Pazzle Vue!
  • Jax69Jax69 Member Posts: 154
    I was seriously excited when that machine came out. Thinking how great to be able to cut any thing without using a mat. No more sticky mat Yeah!!...I signed up for all the email and notifications. When it finally released I waited and watched. Saw many reviews that the first machines were defective. I expected that also that the learning curve was pretty high. I'll admit I was a Cricut user and things were very easy to use for the Cricut. Then I heard the software that came with the machine was difficult to use. Same sentiment, there is a learning curve with every machine. Well 1yr and a half later and still the same posts. People really do not like the machine. So many returns and so many disappointments. Many did the same thing bought some other machine and sold their Ecraft on Ebay. Sad really the machine had such a good marketing slant. Oh well decided on my Cameo and am really happy with the results of it's cutting ability.
    Cricut Expression, Personal and Silhouette Cameo SCAL2&3, Silhouette Studio Vinyl Cutting and some Crafting Westminster, CA
  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,302
    I just read an article about this cutter in a craft magazine. I could never be happy with it, the cuts look terrible with all those little tags!! I sure love the precision of the cuts I get with my Zing
  • scrappingmom2007scrappingmom2007 Member Posts: 1,433
    Thanks for the warning, I haven't heard to many good things about this machine. Enjoy your cougar.
    Pazzles Vue and Silhouette portrait owner.
  • bluejadebluejade Member Posts: 208
    I got rid of mine too same sent to ebay but this person already had one and loved it so bought his wife one too some have the knack i like my cameo.But i am intrigued about the Zing and the Cougar ....maz
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