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Cutting Mat Storage

David_ADavid_A Posts: 82Member
Hi all

We received the 14x24 KNK Zing Mat, wow. Make the Cut forum means everyone here is using some kind of cutting machine, most of these machines have one thing in common, they all use cutting mats. My question is quite simple, how do you store your cutting mats? This 14x24 mat is huge, anyone who gets it will be thinking the same as me. How am I going to store it? laying flat, standing up on its end or standing up on its side? Also how do people store their 12x12 mats?

My 12x12 mats for the Zing are stored in a box that only just takes the width which leans up against the wall. Is storing them upright right, or should they be flat?

I think it would be interesting to find out how many different ideas for storage there are out there.

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