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Cougar, Silver Bullet, or Zing?

thephantomgirlthephantomgirl Posts: 13Member
I posted a while back looking for info about the Black Cat Cougar. I was looking at That's Scrap and it looks like they aren't even stocking the new Cougars anymore, I only see refurb'ed ones that are out of stock. So are the Silver Bulletts the new Cougars? And how happy is everyone with the Zing? Looking for comparisons of the machines and honest opinions... which would you buy if you were buying right now?

I'm looking for at least 13" cutting space. A heavy duty machine that can cut through at LEAST double cardstock. Something durable and not made of plastic, so it will hold up to constant use. And price isn't really an issue. The Silver Bullet price tag makes me cringe but husband already ok'd a Cougar. So either of the machines is within budget.

Thank you all so much for your help in advance!


  • MeFlickMeFlick Posts: 7,076Member
    Yes, the Silver Bullets are the new Cougars as far as That's Scrap's site. I don't have one, but I am a member of their forum and everyone who has gotten one seems to love it. I got my Cougar from her and had great customer service before and after the sale. @Rachellann_714 has one and helps with their tech support so she could provide you with good insight. A few others on here have gotten the Silver Bullet too. Since I don't have either the Silver Bullet or the Zing, I can't give you any type of comparison. However, I would say that the Zing is the "entry" level cutter for the higher end cutters and then you move up to the larger Silver Bullet and KNK machines. I believe both are probably good options. You just have to decide what size machine you want and which one meets those needs and your budget. Good luck.
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  • SandyMcCSandyMcC Posts: 5,090Member
    edited December 2012
    I wouldn't compare an SB to a Zing. It makes more sense to compare an SB to the new Maxx Air... considering they are more similar in price and functionality. The Maxx Air comes with the flatbed tables, an MTC license, and a lot more cutting force.
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  • thephantomgirlthephantomgirl Posts: 13Member
    Can the Zing do detailed cuts (like a 2x2 snowflake or monarch butterfly) on thick material, like double-thick cardstock? How often do you have to replace blades on it if you're cutting primarily cardstock or vinyl?
  • ChadatKNKChadatKNK Posts: 347Member
    Sure can. The Zing is capable of cutting good detail on a thick cardstock. Our blades are made out of tungsten carbide. If you're mostly cutting cardstock, you could get anywhere from a month to 6 months out of a blade, depending on now much cutting (and how detailed of cutting) you do.

    Hope this help!
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  • kmmhugkmmhug Posts: 826Member This might help you, as it lists most common cutters and what their specs are. It has both the KNK models and the Cougar and Silver Bullets. I would say the zing is fairly comparable to the Lynx.

    This add is currently posted on That's Scrap site and it is a fantastic deal:

    Hi Everyone! I am selling my 13 inch Cougar. I purchased it a year ago from That's Scrap. It has been gently used and I still have the original packaging.

    What's included:
    13 inch gently used Cougar
    USB cable
    Power cable
    Original blade holder
    Detail blade holder
    Test Pen Tool (never used)
    Click blade holder
    Detail blade holder (never used)
    Assorted cutting blades
    Software license

    I have used this so infrequently that the adhesive on the cutting mat has dried up, so unfortunately I cannot offer the cutting mat.

    I have the original box. I am selling everything for $550 NOT including shipping and insurance. If you would like to purchase this please email me at cmittlesteadt(at symbol) The Cougar will ship from Milwaukee, WI. Thank you!

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  • thephantomgirlthephantomgirl Posts: 13Member
    edited December 2012
    Thanks for info! The chart is very helpful.
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  • SandyMcCSandyMcC Posts: 5,090Member
    Note that the chart doesn't contain the new Maxx Air. For the specs on it, please use the table at my web site:

    Sandy McCauley
    Retired but still cutting with KNK’s forever!!!
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  • cbauer50cbauer50 Posts: 245Member
    I've had both and I can tell you the support tables that come with the KNK machines are so sturdy. They are metal. The ones with the Black Cat are made of acrylic (?) and do not come with the machine. They were $85 extra for the 24". So consider the extra price for the tables when comparing.
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