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windows 7 driver for goldcut jk series wanted

can anybody tell me where i might be able to get a driver for windows 7 to run a goldcut jk cutter . thanks


  • titiftitif Posts: 1Member
    windows 7 driver for goldcut jk series wanted
  • SBryanWSBryanW Posts: 4,398Administrator
    If you are talking about the driver to allow the computer to communicate with the cutter, then the manufacturer should have the driver (it should have also come with the cutter). If you can't get it from them, many of these cutters use a FTDI chip, so you can try downloading the driver directly from FTDI at:

    If you are talking about a plug-in for MTC to work with that cutter, there is currently no plug-in specifically for the Goldcut JK series. If it uses HPGL, you could try one of the other plug-ins (e.g. KNK, BlackCat, UsCutters, etc.) and see if they will work.
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