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Converting MTC files to SVG [Resolved]

LguildLguild Posts: 38Member
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I am totally new to MTC software and still learning about layers, shadows, etc. So far, the software is amazingly easy to use and the things I've cut with my machine have turned out great.

Reading some of the discussion threads on here, I noticed one about converting MTC files to SVG format. Just as a curiosity, I opened my MTC software and attempted to convert a file and did not see any way to accomplish that.

So, are more computer savvy MTC users doing conversions with some other type of software or do I just not know where to look in the MTC menu?
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  • DarleneIDarleneI Posts: 2,325Member
    You export as an
    svg as far as I can remember.
  • iggyloveriggylover Posts: 11,513Moderator
    First, click on your image or use "Ctrl+A" to 'Select All'. See the large blue arrow showing the blue, dashed 'bounding box' around the image to show it is active.

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  • LguildLguild Posts: 38Member
    Thanks! I didn't realize that you'd "export" it. Good information to have!
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