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"Halloween Pumpkin Guys" Treats

MeFlickMeFlick Posts: 6,222Member
edited September 2012 in General
@WandaNana6 - had asked for helping in creating "faces" to use with creating "Halloween Pumpkin Guy" treats using candy packets (m&m snack treats and sixlet candy tubes. She had made her request in the Halloween Stencil Edge Cards in this thread here (you can see a picture of them in either of these locations):

I had asked for her to share a pic or a link to what she was wanting and she sent me an emil with a link to them on this blog.:

Based on what I saw on that site and what I thought she was asking for ("heads" to use to add to the project). I created her a file with a jck-o-lantern head, a witch's head, and a Frankenstein head. They could be done as a "print and cut" or as a "paper piecing" depending upon how you want to make them.

I have not shared this on my blog and I have not put any together myself yet. I am only sharing my file in MTC format as there are multiple pages to the file with multiple layers to each page and I don't want to take the time to convert it to SVG. I figure if you are on the MTC format, you have MTC to use it.

I will note that I could not find the single "tube" of sixlets candy but did find single "twizzler sticks" that could be used for the arms and legs. They are long so you might want to use just one for the arms across the back of the m&m package. Just another idea.

Hallween Treat Guys_Meflick.mtc
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  • WandaNana6WandaNana6 Posts: 201Member
    Oh Melanie those are great....thank you thank you thank you so much. Believe it or not the only place i can find the sixlets candy is at the dollar tree stores... They are multi colored not orange and black but they will work just fine for the lil ones they are gonna love them. thank you again for all the work you did on these for me.
  • MeFlickMeFlick Posts: 6,222Member
    Glad to be of help Wanda. I actually thought I had found the sixlets candy at Walmart but once I opened the package realized that they are not single tubes like she used and you found at the dollar tree. Show us pictures of what you make.
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    Cutting with 18" Cougar, Silhouette SD & Cameo and yes, I still have one of those "other" machines too!
  • MeFlickMeFlick Posts: 6,222Member
    Here is a picture of the Frankenstein that I just did (but I forgot to cut out the leave and put on his body for the clothes (oops!).) I did it as a print and cut and used the twizzlers for the arms and legs (one twizzler for the arms and two for the leg).

    2012 09 30 003.jpg
    1200 x 1600 - 471K
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    Cutting with 18" Cougar, Silhouette SD & Cameo and yes, I still have one of those "other" machines too!
  • WandaNana6WandaNana6 Posts: 201Member
    Oh he is so cute. I give up i have been trying to pnc and i cannot get it to work. It just keep saying can't find reg marks. I am never going to get this i will have to just print a whole page and cut by hand.
  • MichelleMyBelleMichelleMyBelle Posts: 4,349Member
    @MeFlick, I like the Twizzlers idea. I think they look just as good as the sixlets. Cute idea, love it.
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  • MeFlickMeFlick Posts: 6,222Member
    Thanks Michelle. Wanda, you might do a search for print and cut with Cameo and see the suggested things to look for when doing a PnC with the cameo. I did my example above on the Silhouette SD. So you might want to make sure that you have the Silhouette Cameo print registration marks checked versus the SD (under print options I think). Also, some people said they have to do both on landscape I think (mtc mat and the printer). Also, I will say that I have the original Silhouette SD and I usually seldom have problems with that mat in it reading registration marks. However, I have a new mat that I have tried and tried to use with PnC and it never works with that Mat. Not sure why. I do know that the black lines on the corner of the original mat are not on the newer mat and I've wondered it that is the problem with that mat.
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    Cutting with 18" Cougar, Silhouette SD & Cameo and yes, I still have one of those "other" machines too!
  • kjsalsmankjsalsman Posts: 654Member
    Thank You @MeFlick he's adorable!!!
  • KarenPKarenP Posts: 4,028Member
    They are so cute and you are so thoughtful and talented.
  • craftyamacraftyama Posts: 351Member
    thank you for the file
  • PaperthreadsPaperthreads Posts: 748Member
    You can get the sixlet packages at michaels crafts, in the tube type packaging.
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  • DarleneIDarleneI Posts: 2,328Member
    Did you hot glue or staple on the twizzlers? Great patterns. Thanks. Darlene
  • LynneArmstrongLynneArmstrong Posts: 776Member
    These are too cute Melanie...thanks for the file :) We don't get that excited about Halloween in Aus but I'm going to make some of these anyway, if I get time, and give them to my grandkids. I'll have to look for some suitable confectionery bits to use for the arms and legs.
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  • kathybesseykathybessey Posts: 634Member
    Thanks for the file and the great idea! I am going to go shopping for M&Ms, Sixlets and Twizzlers tomorrow! My little man is in Kindergarten this year so this will be a great little treat for his classmates.
  • artsie1artsie1 Posts: 1,437Member
    Awesome idea!! Thanks for sharing!!!
  • nomemnomem Posts: 3,102Member
    These are so cute! I wish I had a young child to make them for. I looked at her page and want to make the crayon wreath for a friend who teaches K.
  • bbonkobbonko Posts: 908Member
    Brenda B
    Longview, WA
  • RorysnonnaRorysnonna Posts: 531Member
    Thanks so much for these cuties! I love them. Thanks for the link too.
  • MeFlickMeFlick Posts: 6,222Member
    Thanks everyone. Thanks to @WandaNana6 who actually found the idea and asked for help with them. I don't have any little ones anymore and don't think they would hand out to their HS friends! :)) But plan to show my sister who has a 5th grader and is a teaching assistant in an elementary school.

    @kathybessey - before you do the work, make sure he can bring them in and distribute some schools won't allow outside food anymore and/or sugary sweets I gather! :( Some will let you send them home, etc. Rules vary greatly. :))

    @Darlenel, the directions call for hot gluing everything in place. I thought about using a stapler (didn't want to drag out the hot glue gun :D but then I went with packing tape. I cut 2 head bases and glued the craft stick between them so that there was a "back" to the head as well.
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    Cutting with 18" Cougar, Silhouette SD & Cameo and yes, I still have one of those "other" machines too!
  • JustlauryJustlaury Posts: 484Member
    So cute!! Have to show my college student.....
  • brianna_c1brianna_c1 Posts: 3,558Member
    thank you..and what a novel idea for the lollies...great!!!
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  • Rosie0530Rosie0530 Posts: 2,129Member
    These are adorable! Thanks you guys.
    Rosie in VA. originally from PA.
  • Luv2CUSmileLuv2CUSmile Posts: 478Member
    @MeFlick these are too cute! TFS @Thx to @WandaNana6 for having the vision.
    The great thing is that you could use any candies that come in long thin type package and a thicker package for the body base! Dollar tree does have good selections. The twisty pastels ropes of marshmallow would also be good for arms and legs and the body could also be done with the small skittles packs. My son loves skittles! Thx again!
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  • pamelaj55pamelaj55 Posts: 775Member
    That's cute--and as Karen said, you're so thoughtful to share this. Thanks! :)
  • knkloverknklover Posts: 878Member
    Thankyou Meflick for sharing also to WandaNana6 for coming up with with the idea of making them.
  • nc_teachnc_teach Posts: 51Member
    Awesome ideas ladies. I think I have my goodie treat idea for the Trunk or Treat. Thanks! (Also like the idea of the clear packing tape rather than hot glue. Safer for me. Ha... Ha....)
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