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Is this true?

Jan#713Jan#713 Member Posts: 43
edited December 2009 in General
seen this on scal forum

For anyone considering MTC, be cautious of the claims that it can trace "everything" easily. As with the SCAL trace feature, MTC will only cleanly trace simple shapes. It will not cleanly trace complex pics. For anything complex, you would still need to use Inkscape to fix nodes and clean up the traced image.


  • SheriSheri Member Posts: 539
    What are nodes? I have never used inkscape.
  • sjh9902sjh9902 Member Posts: 340
    edited December 2009
    I partly agree. i have still used inkscape a little for cleaning up some images but still prefer MTC over SCAL. inkscape is a free program. not a selling point for SCAL so I dont see what the point of that statement is. MTC is still easier to use and has a better layout. I dont understand why people are so against this program? I guess Todd should be happy that he has a loyal following. For me though, I go with what I think is worth the money and for me that is MTC!!

    there is no way (as of yet) in MTC that you can manipulate nodes. so if you need to do that you would still need to use inkscape. but for most projects you should be able to work without need that program. Andy has talked about possible adding a way to manipulate the nodes in MTC. which would be great but even if he doesnt i dont mind.
  • If you Hold Shift Button down and Double Click your object on the mat you will see those little points that the lines are connecting... Those are Nodes. It's like what connects the lines
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  • AndyAndy Administrator Posts: 4,579
    You can "clean up" a trace by breaking it and deleting the shapes you don't need.

    So yes, it's better than SCAL when tracing.

    I usually don't "bash" other software (this really isn't bashing, it's stating a fact), but I don't like it when people bash software they have never even tried to figure out!

    We need to do a video that shows how to import a trace from start to finish -- cleanup and all!
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  • luckygohappy70luckygohappy70 Member Posts: 4
    I would so appreciate a video...I'm really interested in learning more about this.
  • craftydivacraftydiva Member Posts: 265
    I also prefer MTC but I believe there is place for both programs, its always good for both sides to have a little competition ; ) keeps them on their toes...lol
    I do think that Craftedge got a little complacent and let things slide, somewhat. I am glad to see another 'brand' out there especially if it works better for me, after all we all have our opinions....
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