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Sea Turtle file? UPDATED! W/ Finished Card!

mustluvowlsmustluvowls Member Posts: 186
edited July 2012 in Your Masterpieces
Does anyone have a sea turtle file? I'd like to do a stencil card with a sea turtle on the edge for a coworkers birthday. I'd prefer it be more realistic and not too cartoony.
Thanks for all the responses! The whole process of making this card made me want to throw my computer against the wall and turn the stereo full volume to Metallica's Master of Pupets and scream as loud as I could. Mostly b/c ATT sux (seriously, dialup woulda been faster!) and our internet kept going in and out while I tried to watch/download the Webinar. Then I had to master my Zing and figured out I was using the wrong blade the whole time and my blue blade holder is crappy and I have two brand new blades chipped to show for it. With my last blade and my last piece of green paper....
I didn't have everything -quite- right b/c I still had some hangers that tore the thin pieces of paper, but I'm super happy with it and I did lots n lots of node editing so I got practice w/ that as a bonus. I'm finally happy w/ Sir Zingsalot!
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