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Ladies and Gents,
Start your cutters!

It is time for the Holly Jolly July holiday challenge.

We have 9 events but first let us thank our sponsors:

1 Kim Bright from Creative Bling at http://www.blingology.blogspot.com/
2 ScrappyDew at http://www.scrappydew.com/
3 Charity Adams at http://www.adamsacres.com/
4 Jessica at svgsttic - https://www.svgattic.com/
5 Jani Lewis from Paper Compulsions at http://papercompulsions.blogspot.com/
6 Alyssa at Mythoughtsexactly- http://mythoughtsexactly.co/stamps/
7 MTC member Lou Ann (lafrei)
8 SVGCuts- http://svgcuts.com/blog/
9. Michele at http://www.paperthreads.com/

Without these generous sponsors we wouldn't have the awesome prize giveaways we have had all year. Please try to support them and give them a big thanks at their websites.

Ann will link the challenges to the main announcement to help keep things organized.

Kim Bright is our featured designer for this challenge. We would like to showcase this talented lady.

Hi, my name is Kim Bright, mother of two grown children and grandmother to 7 beautiful grandchildren that range in ages from 15 to3. I hold a PhD in Psychology and am a certified Hypnotherapist, as well as being an Ordained Minister.

My Mother instilled a love of crafting in me at a very early age. I used to sit and watch her crochet doll clothes for her little sister’s dolls and was always fascinated at how quickly a long string of yarn became a work of art. By 8 years old, I could crochet most anything and began trying other mediums of art. I have been crafting one thing or another for as long as I can really remember and there aren’t many crafts that I haven’t dabbled in.

After buying a machine to cut vinyl, I set out to learn everything I could about making SVG’s for my use. I own tons of stamps from EK Success Brands/Inkadinkado Stamps and have always loved the swirly Santa or the “Beautiful Santa” as I named him. Every time I made something with him, everyone would rave and ask me if I would sell them the file. I ended up sharing the Santa file over 4000 times before finally getting up the nerve to write a letter to EK Success and asking them if I could make the SVG’s of their stamps and sell them in my store. They were pretty excited that their stamps were being used for yet another medium and they asked to see some of my work. I showed them and was given express written permission to use their stamps, thus Creative Bling Vinyl Designs was born.

I have been truly blessed to have such amazing customers! There is nothing that makes me quite as proud as seeing how others interpret the SVG files I have made. Can’t wait to see what you all do with the “Angel Mindscape” file. Good Luck and have fun!

I am also having a two week "Christmas in July" sale starting July 8 and running until July 21st. It will be a buy two get one free sale.



1. Kim Bright Challenge- feature use any Kim Bright file that you own or the free file provided. You choose the project. It must be a holiday related project or gift. You can enter up to two unique projects. You must use Make-the-Cut.
Post projects here -http://forum.make-the-cut.com/discussion/25906/kim-bright-holly-jolly-july-challenge

2. Hexagon treat box- Use this box to create a Christmas goodie or treat box. You can decorate it as you want. You must use MTC. You can enter up to two unique projects. File provided below.
Post projects here- http://forum.make-the-cut.com/discussion/25907/hexagon-treat-box-holly-jolly-july-challenge

3. Tile/ and or coaster challenge. These can make great personalized gifts. Being this early in the year getting a jump on some little gifts like this would be a great use of time. You must use Make-the-Cut. You can enter up to two unique projects. Post projects here - http://forum.make-the-cut.com/discussion/25908/tilecoaster-challenge-holly-jolly-july

4. Note card set challenge- create a set of four matching note cards for gift giving with some sort of cover or box for the set. You can save these back for special gifts for Christmas. You can enter up to twice with two differently unique projects. You must use Make-the-Cut. Post projects here- http://forum.make-the-cut.com/discussion/25910/holly-jolly-note-card-set-challenge

5. Gallery challenge- pick a file from the gallery to create your Christmas themed project. Be sure to list the name of the file and the user ID number. Post project here- http://forum.make-the-cut.com/discussion/25912/holly-jolly-gallery-challenge

6. Dollar store challenge- You need to purchase something you can craftify using MTC to make a cool Christmas gift, decoration, or whatever. This can use either paper, vinyl, fabric or whatever you want to cut with you cutter. Have fun! You can enter up to two unique projects here- http://forum.make-the-cut.com/discussion/25913/holly-jolly-dollar-store

7 Print and cut angel challenge. Helen designed some cute angels for you to use in a project. Let your creative juices flow. This can be used in anything from a card to a decoration. You decide. Helen's graphic is below. post projects here- http://forum.make-the-cut.com/discussion/25914/holly-jolly-angel-challenge

8. Snow in July- Here are some free snowflake files from a super awesome site called http://www.birdscards.com You can choose one or several to incorporate into a project. You can enter up to twice with two unique projects. http://www.birdscards.com/?p=1984 You must use Make-the-Cut. Post projects here- http://forum.make-the-cut.com/discussion/25916/holly-jolly-snoflakes

Let the crafting begin!!!!

Since we now have 8 challenges and 9 prizes, there will be a prize drawing for everyone that finishes every challege. Good luck!
MTC committee- Trish (ImaCutter), Helen (Helen), Rebecca (Reba1), (Diana (Dianain NM), Linda (lindalou692), and Ann (Ann) Imagine it. Create it. Cut it!
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