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Fiskar Fuse, Big Shot Pro or Accuquilt

paupau04paupau04 Member Posts: 4,896
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  • HelenHelen Member Posts: 1,787
    I don't have an opinion, more of an observation. I watched the video on the Fiskers Fuse. Quite expensive, but I could see big time card makers making this investment. Looks to be a solid built die/embosser/inker. Bet you will enable a couple of people Paula, ;)
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  • paupau04paupau04 Member Posts: 4,896
    Oh would I do that? :^o I have been looking at the big shot pro, like that this one takes all dies. The flex pay is what's tempting
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  • PaperthreadsPaperthreads Member Posts: 748
    Very pricey.
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  • juliefesjuliefes Member Posts: 4,708
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    Until I get my hands on the Fuse, I cannot give you a real accurate review, but after watching the video, I can give you a bit of comparison. The cutting width of the Big Shot Pro is larger-just shy of 13" wide. The Fuse opening is 12.25". A plus for the Fuse is its ability to fold up for storage. Big Shot Pro takes permanent table or countertop space 15" wide and 3 feet deep. As far as the machines go, I don't think the Fuse will cut anything that the Big Shot Pro won't cut as well. The difference is in the dies, plates, accessories, etc. I suspect that the Fuse dies will work in the BSP when they become available separately, and Fuse will probably use all of the BSP dies. Both machines will accept many other companies dies and embossing folders. If you have one, you probably don't need the other. The adapters for the other company's products are rather pricey, and the adapter sizes are not displayed. I suspect that they are small.

    As for embossing, it is not likely that the Fuse will handle embossing of 12x12 designs, but that remains to be seen. The option of inking their embossing plates is interesting. Fiskars is supposed to come out with some 12" dies, but they don't indicate what sizes of embossing plates they plan to produce for inking and embossing. Again, whatever die, embossing, and inking plates that they produce should be usable on the Big Shot Pro as well. This machine is not available in retail outlets yet, and the accessories are currently limited to what ships with the machine.

    As for the Accuquilt, I would not get it. Its opening is only 10" wide, and it will not handle thicker dies.
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  • paupau04paupau04 Member Posts: 4,896
    Thanks Julies, your input is appreciated. I was looking at the accuquilt for cutting 2" strips. (I know get a rotary cutter and ruler). I had the Big Shot Pro on my wish list, but flex pay is so much easier to handle. I have also been eyeing the letterpress, so this item looked like it had it all.

    Also I keep looking at those dies and thinking, I could make my open embossing/letterpress designs, to fit those openings.
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  • BethanyBethany Member Posts: 697
    Unless you feel like paying around 80 bucks for a 2 inch strip die for the Accuquilt, I'd just use your rotary cutter. It's obscene what prices all these companies have for dies.

    June Taylor makes the most awesome strip cutter ruler. I have the 12x12 and the 12x18. Check out a JoAnn's or a local quilt store. Just put your rotary cutter in the slots and cut. The 12x18 is hard to find, but Wally World online actually had one in stock. shipped it right to my local store.

    Don't know about the rest. I have the big kick but rarely use it.
  • juliefesjuliefes Member Posts: 4,708
    I have purchased only a few of the accuquilt dies to use with my Big Shot Pro. My cutters will handle cutting most shapes, but for making rag quilts, the die for that was worth it. I wondered why I would ever want to use a die for long straight cuts, when my rotary cutter would make short order of those. But when I looked at the video tutorials available, I can see how they might come in very handy if I were going to make a quilt that required lots of strips in different lengths. Yes, the dies are expensive. I would have to have plans to make hundreds of cuts with a die to make it a worthy investment. You can sometimes get those dies at 25% off, but I have never found them at lower discounts as most coupons cannot be used with them.
  • paupau04paupau04 Member Posts: 4,896
    I plan to make lots of cuts so I thought in the long run it would be worth it. I'm a Toolie-is that a word? Joann's had the die I would want on sale at $56.00. I also wanted to run the strips through the bias tape maker and my manual rotory cuts aren't always straight
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  • KarenPKarenP Member Posts: 4,028
    I bit. I have been looking for the Big Shot Pro for months. It is always out of stock. I finally asked Sizzix and they said look in the stores in July. I decided to try this one. I like the easy payments too and it looks like more for less money....guess we will see.
  • paupau04paupau04 Member Posts: 4,896
    @KarenP, I was with you on looking for the Big Shot Pro. I bit way early, I was in the first 200 buyers, I figured I could cancel by days end. The Fiskars name/quality made it easier to decide. If it doesn't work it goes back, no problem
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  • pigtailpatpigtailpat Member Posts: 1,513
    The big shot pro is a sturdy machine, I got mine last summer - essentially free to me - as it suddenly dawned on me my husband had all these points I never cashed in. That, in combination with a rebate, got the cutter for me. Let me tell you folks, if you quilt and need to cut fabric, this machine is the best. There is a good reason why sizzix did not design it with fold up sides. The fold up sides creates a gap space where there is air and no place for the tray to rest. That affects smooth operation of the handle. The accuquilt go machine has reports all over the internet of the handle breaking. Fiskars is a nice company, don't get me wrong on that, but they do discontinue products. Sizzix is the ONLY company on earth still supporting very old products like the big kick and sidekick, and still carries and makes the supplies for those. Accucut (accuquilt's parent organization) discontinued the zip e mate leaving owners (like me) high and dry for supplies. There are very few reliable companies around left. Andy is one. The other is sizzix. Even if you have to wait for a machine, I wouldn't trust anyone else.
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  • pigtailpatpigtailpat Member Posts: 1,513
    Things have changed at the forum, I can't see the button anymore to edit my post above, Julie I wanted to address why one would get straight strip dies. Those are the BOMB. You can turn the fabric around to get squares or diamonds. In fact, I get more accurate results for squares using the strip dies than the actual square dies, because I will cut on the lengthwise grain first. I do have the big 10" square die, that's basically the only exception, otherwise I really tend to use my strip dies alot. I need more strip dies and slowly I have been getting them.

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  • juliefesjuliefes Member Posts: 4,708
    The little gear icon in the post is the Edit button now. Click on it, and select Edit. Had me stumped for awhile, too, until one of the moderators enlightened me.
  • juliefesjuliefes Member Posts: 4,708
    I did some measurements today, and discovered that the wooden steel rule dies are most likely too thick to use on the Fiskars Fuse. There is no problem cutting the Accuquilt dies or Bigz dies or anything smaller on the Fuse. But if you have any dies thicker than .8" thick, you will probably do better with the Big Shot Pro. It handles dies and embossing folders of all thicknesses.
  • brianna_c1brianna_c1 Member Posts: 3,670
    i have the studio cutter from accuquilt and love it!!! but it is not portable so i have the go cutter for carting around...the studio cutter will cut many layers and you can use the go cutter dies in it with the adaptable mat....i have also used the large sizzix dies in the studio cutter using my own made plates...just a bit more info for you lol
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