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Another way...

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to create the cut away card. I needed to make the steps as minimal as possible for a beginner class, with some portion of the files being provided (rose). Here is what I came up with, hopefully someone will find this useful. The result is a card with a rose cut away in the top right corner similar to others that have been shown on the forum.

- Draw a rectangle for the size of the finished card before folding, mine is 11 x 8.5 inches (white)
- position the object that will be used to cut away from the card, in my lesson its a rose file I snagged from a google image search, shadow was added to use to create the edge (rose), on a separate layer
- on a new layer, create a rectangle shape that is taller and wider than the card on the corner to be cut away; line the edges up with the object (the rose shadow) to make the best or most appealing cut away edge


- Boolean join the paper and the cutaway rectangle
- Weld the paper and the rose shadow
- If the rectangle is not adequate to fill in all the gaps additional rectangles could be added and welded to get a complete fill in (for simplicity I needed not to have this happen)

oops missed that leaf at the bottom :)

Separate shadows were created to cut coloured papers for the rose and leaves to be applied behind the cut away (not shown).

Thanks Nelda for the inspiration!
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