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Working with envelope and card .svg files.......

pigtailpatpigtailpat Member Posts: 1,515
edited December 2009 in Help for Make The Cut
There are some sites that you can pay for pre-made .svg files, and I thought I would look for some free ones to work with until I fully understand how to work with images inside MTC. So I downloaded a free 5 x 7 envelope .svg. When opened into MTC, the .svg is much smaller and has to be sized properly inside MTC. If the goal is to get a 5 x 7 card inside this envelope, what should be the cut size of the whole envelope? Also, because the envelope would normally be cut from the same cardstock, there's no need is there to break or separate the layers that make up the envelope (i.e. the score lines/dots)???

I'm a little confused as to when to use layers/break/split/join on .svg's, so I'll reserve that for another post. Right, I thought I would get my feet wet on an envelope that is going to be cut from the same piece of cardstock, and would take out the need for that level of understanding at the moment.

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