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Using Makes the Cut or Shilouette Design Studio files for making and selling cards

MegsMegs Member Posts: 10
edited March 2012 in General
Hi All, I am new to this forum and this whole "crafty" biz. I am getting ready to buy my first die cutting machine and software. I would like to make and sell handmade cards and crafts with these. Does anyone know, can I use the images or SVG files that I buy or come from this software and then use them to make cards and crafts to sell??? Would this be violating any copyright?? or once you buy it can you then use it as long as you are making something with it and not just re-selling the image as is? (does that make sense??) Also, any advice on the Cameo over the Sizzix Eclips (I think I've narrowed it down to these two machines) Thanks so much for any help!!!


  • kmmhugkmmhug Member Posts: 890
    I have no experience with the eclipse, but I love my cameo for cardmaking. It is easy to use right out of the box. Basically no learning curve and it cuts beautiful detailed cuts. It is not a heavy duty machine so if you want to cut chip board, I would look further. However, for cutting card stock it is excellent!
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  • MegsMegs Member Posts: 10
    Thanks! I have heard it cannot cut too thick of material. Do you know if you can cut material for small gift boxes??
  • kmmhugkmmhug Member Posts: 890
    I have cut thick card stock, but I have not attempted to cut chipboard. I have the cougar for heavy duty cutting and see no reason to press my Cameo to do what it is not designed to do.
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  • BobkatBobkat Member Posts: 788
    Search the forum. There are several threads about both of these machines. Also know that if you purchase the Eclips you will need to cut with ECAL, a version of Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL), another SVG program. It just requires another small step on your computer. My research lead me to my Eclips. Re copyright info--that is on the forum too.
  • neldanelda Moderator Posts: 11,637
    I am pretty sure that the Silhouette site says you cannot use their products for items that you will re-sale. But this restriction is not able to be defended legally (since patterns cannot be copy-righted) but would you be able to pay the legal fees or your time to defend yourself if they did sue? It's really a bit of a scare tactic (read tabberone's site about this). But you definitely do not have the right to sell or give-away the template/pattern/file.

    Here is what their terms of use say:
    Once again - legally they cannot restrict you thus but who wants to pay to defend yourself? Use of a file to make an item is essentially the same as using embroidery designs on a shirt and reselling the final product (read here http://www.tabberone.com/Trademarks/CopyrightLaw/EmbroideryDesigns.shtml for more info on that). Copy-right discussion comes up here all the time (let's not re-hash it again here) and it is something that you have to determine for yourself. Do your research and make the decision for yourself. Just be aware that they "claim" that it is copy-righted and might try to use scare tactics on you if you resale.
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  • kmmhugkmmhug Member Posts: 890
    Not that I have done so, but I have wondered about this myself, so thank you for posting it. I kind of doubt they would go after some little crafter at local sales selling her cards, as it would not be likely to come to their attention, but then with the way PC is blatantly ignoring the law you never know.
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  • juliefesjuliefes Member Posts: 4,864
    The eClips cuts with a lot more pressure, so I think it is a more versatile and solid machine than the Cameo. The eClips cuts with nearly twice the pressure if you need it. The downside on the eClips is that you cannot cut directly to it from Make The Cut. You need to export your designs as SVG, then import the SVG into eCal software, unless you just want to use cartridges on the eClips. The eClips is quite a bit more machine for your money, not is size but in cutting power.
  • MegsMegs Member Posts: 10
    I definitely don't want to get into cartridges so if I go with the Eclips I would definitely have to do the importing thing and buy MTC as well as ecal? Is it really a hassle?? I'm concerned just about learning the MTC software!!!! I've heard great things about the Cameo and wonder if that might be the safer bet for me right now just starting out? Also, thanks for everyone's direction on the copyright stuff. I did a quick search on older fourms and was able to get some info. Not looking to start up a "copyright war" here. Just new to the whole business and don't want to inadvertanly be making and selling things that would cause a problem. Thanks again!!
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