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Using transfer tape as a mat

cleversomedaycleversomeday Posts: 1,129Member
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I haven't been happy with the Silhouette mats in my SD so I decided to try using transfer tape (R-Tape Clear Choice) instead. I have an 8-1/2 inch roll of tape so it fits 8-1/2 x 11 paper and I just trim the leading edge flush.
So far I am getting good results. I can cut through card stock cleanly without cutting through the tape. I can get the registration marks to read automatically. I can get the cut off of the tape without it curling. I can keep reloading the paper/tape combo until all of the paper is cut and I can reuse the tape at least once, maybe more. I can prepare as many pages as I want ahead of time and have them ready to load back to back. I'm thinking my tape mats would be really useful for some other things, too, like cutting from small scraps and cutting extra long paper.
If you have some of this tape you might want to give it a try and see if this will work with your cutter.image
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  • Liz_ALiz_A Posts: 5,334Member
    Well you just proved you are clever MOST days, LOL, good for you! Excellent idea!
  • cal8007cal8007 Posts: 200Member
    Love the idea, thanks for sharing!

  • MitzyMitzy Posts: 49Member
    This is an interesting idea. But I'm not sure I understand the comment about reloading the paper until it's all cut? Do you mean that you're printing all the images on the paper once, putting it on the tape then cutting each image from that paper one at a time? Or are you printing ONE image on the paper, then sending the paper back through the printer to print a different image later?
  • cleversomedaycleversomeday Posts: 1,129Member
    Good question, Mitzy. That comment refers to just cutting, not print and cut. So for instance, I load up a red piece of cardstock and only cut one of two things. Then I keep that sheet on hand for when I need red next time. You could use it for cutting print and cut images one at a time, but I'm not sure what the application for that would be.
  • neldanelda Posts: 11,637Moderator
    I have not tried it yet but this seems like a great idea. TFS!
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  • KarenPKarenP Posts: 4,028Member
    I have wondered in the past if it would work as a way to add stiffness and thickness for fabric but had not got around to trying it out. This post gives me hope. Great idea!
  • JulesJules Posts: 839Member
    Sounds like a good idea but I'm thinking what I call transfer tape is only sticky on one side. So how do you stick it to the mat? Or is the tape you use double sided?
    Julie in Dorset, UK - across the pond.
  • PetraPetra Posts: 261Member
    Jules, I understood it that the transfer tape serves as the carrier sheet itself, and no actual mat is used. But maybe I have the wrong end of the stick?
  • KarenPKarenP Posts: 4,028Member
    Yes transfer tape is the mat....that is what I understand.
  • cleversomedaycleversomeday Posts: 1,129Member
    Jules, Karen and Petra are right. I am using the tape AS a mat.
  • JulesJules Posts: 839Member
    edited January 2012
    @Cleversomeday - Ok, just need to picture this, is your transfer tape floppy and it's the attached card that's making it look stiff in your pic?

    My hubby's got a huge roll of clear adhesive film that I use as tranfer tape and I'm wondering if that sounds similar?
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    Julie in Dorset, UK - across the pond.
  • pal635pal635 Posts: 38Member
    Just a quick question...I am thinking about using this method for my ZING becuse it comes in 12 inch and 14 inch.

    Is the tape that you use "medium tack"?
  • mjnixmjnix Posts: 388Member
    Is the transfer tape by the sheet?
  • pal635pal635 Posts: 38Member
    I think Cleversomeday is using it by the sheet. I found it on a roll at H&H Sign Supply and they have all different sizes
  • susan_ID2293susan_ID2293 Posts: 2,814Member
    I bought a roll of non clear transfer tape by mistake, this would be a good use for it. I had only been using it for black vinyl (you can see the black through it a little)
  • cleversomedaycleversomeday Posts: 1,129Member
    I am using a roll of R-tape Clear Choice medium tack but any commercial transfer tape should work. The clear is stiffer than the non-clear but for card stock it shouldn't matter. If you are trying to use a transfer tape alternative @Jules, then the question is if the adhesive will come cleanly off the card stock without damaging it when you pull the cuts off the mat.
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