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Holy Moly: Make The Cut! 4.1.0, Zing Plug-In 1.1.0, Silhouette Plug-In 2.0.1, Mac version?

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Been a tad busy here!

Mac Version is Coming Soon...

As most of you know I have been working on getting MTC to work on a Mac. The Mac version will initially work with the Zing... once us Zing Mac people work out the bugs, we will add in support for all the other COM cutters (KNK Maxx/Groove-E, Black Cat, USCutters MH/Laser, etc)... This initial Mac version won't work for Silhouette, Pazzles or eCraft for a bit of time because they use specialty drivers that don't conform to the norm -- we will continue to work on it though.

My Mac arrived today, so this is what we will be working on next. I have it working on Ann's mac, but now I need to finish it completely, which will take place on my new Mac. I have no idea how long this will take to get it to BETA, but, not too much longer.

New Software Versions/Upgrades

(All free, of course!)

Make The Cut 4.1.0

The main part of this update is compatibility with Mac. But, we added in other features to make it worth your while to upgrade.

Open Path Font Types: Otherwise known as OPF fonts, are a new type of font that allows for open paths in each glyph. These aren't popular mainly because Windows and Mac can't handle open paths in fonts, but, we aren't using these for printwork, we are using them for engraving, rhinestones, pen-drawing, etc with our cutters.

Since this is a new font type, there aren't many available. But, a little bird told me that Lettering Delights has some in the works. Until that happens, here are 5 you can play with:

Click here to download 5 OpenPath Type fonts.

These fonts are distributed freely by Feature Cam, and have been converted to OPF type for MTC.

These fonts can't be installed to your Windows or Mac system, obviously because open-path fonts do not work on those operating system, so, we introduced a new feature to MTC:

Permanent Font Install: When adding a font to MTC to the "Font/Text" tap, there is a new option:
If you check this option when importing a font, it will always be inside MTC every time you start it. These fonts will show up in your font list in the color green. If you want to remove it from the list, select it and hit the "Delete" key, or right-click on it.

Cancel Option when Breaking, Layering, Splitting, etc: Finally -- something I have wanted in MTC for months -- and I know a lot of you wanted it there too. If you break a super complicated shape, it sometimes can take a long time, and maybe you didn't want to do it. Well, now you can cancel the action:

Show Registration Marks On Virtual Mat: You can now view the registration marks on the virtual mat. This is great for being able to visualize how they will print without having to go to print preview. You can toggle this option from the File>>Print Options dialog:
Optimization and Bug fixes: Too many to list, but, this version of MTC should run a lot smoother. Your projects should cut better.

Make The Cut! Version 4.1.0: Download

Zing Plug-In 1.1.0

Presets:Once you get the plug-in all set up to cut some type of material, you can now save how it's set up. Just click on the settings button on the upper right:

To remove a preset, just open the same menu, find the preset and right-click on it.

Optimization and Bug fixes: Too many to list, but, this version of the Zing Plug-In should run a lot smoother. Your projects should cut better.

Zing Plug-In 1.1.0: Download

Silhouette Plug-In 2.0.1

Cameo™ Compatibility: 'nuff said.
UPDATED:: Fixed a bug where it wouldn't cut the whole 12 inches in height.

PLEASE NOTE: You need version 4.1.0 of Make The Cut (above) for this plug-in to work properly with Print-And-Cut.

Silhouette Plug-In 2.0.1: Download

And, more to come

We are constantly working on MTC -- so keep checking back. We have some great ideas in store for you!

You all rock and have a great day,
The MTC Team!

I don't often test my code... But when I do, I do it in production.
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