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UPDATED Pazzles Inspiration Plug-In Available!

SBryanWSBryanW Administrator Posts: 5,290
edited November 2011 in MTC Updates
Hi everyone...

I have worked together with Andy to resolve the spooling issue with the Pazzles plug-in. I am happy to report that there is a new BETA of the Pazzles Inspiration plug-in ready for testing. I want to emphasize that there is a need for Pazzles owners to test this plug-in. While I have tested it on a single machine and have not had any problems with it, it has only been tested on one machine from one computer - now it's your turn.

Something to keep in mind: as I was testing some pretty complex shapes, I came across a limitation of the Pazzles and how much data can be sent before the buffers are full. So, when you send your project to cut on the Pazzles, if it says there are more than about 85,000 points, you might as well cancel the cut right away. It seems that more than that fills the buffer completely, and the cutter will start cutting, but it won't be complete the project.

Please let me know if you have any problems during testing, making sure that you send me the .mtc file of the project that you had the problem with, and exactly what happened and when. Also, if you can record the number of points sent and the total number of points, that would help as well. My email address is in my profile.

I think you will be pleased with the speed at which it spools now. You still have to be aware that because of the way the Pazzles works, it won't start cutting until the whole job has been sent down (or the buffer fills as mentioned above) - but at least now it sends the data to the Pazzles as fast as it can take it.

Here is a link to install the plug-in:

Pazzles Plug-in v1.0.1

1) I recommend that you have the latest version of MTC installed (4.0.6)
2) Make sure MTC is not running (i.e. close it down)
3) Download/run the file above.
4) Start MTC back up. The version of the Pazzles plug-in should show v1.0.1

Edited to add: A special thanks to Julie (CraftyMusician) for lending me her Pazzles Inspiration so that I could fix and test the Pazzles plug-in! Thank you Julie!

Good luck and keep me posted!

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