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3 color shape imaging

aubreyaubrey Member Posts: 102
edited December 2009 in Help for Make The Cut
Hello-Still trying to learn your super program. The problem I am having is probably (99% sure) mine. User error. That said, I am trying to do just a 3 color preview of an image. First I select image to mat and size. Select image, click layer. Select blackout image, click split so I can have 1 image to enlarge just a little for shadow. Click shadow image to color blue. Click second "shadow" (no changes in size image) to color red. Layer 2nd image onto shadow image and click join. Here is where my error comes in. I click on the "3rd" image (small part images) to color yellow, and when I click on it my first 2 images return to 2nd image "hiding" under shadow image. Cannot get first (shadow) layer under 2nd image with 3rd image on top of 2nd image. What am I doing incorrectly? I love that you can preview in colors so I want to know how to use this program backwards and forwards. The above is just to learn, has no value to me other than tutorial. What a great program. Thanks for the quick attention to updates. So much appreciated that you actually listen to what we put on here and respond. Keep up the good work! Thanks to those who have done tutorials. These are priceless.


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