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Curlz alternative or what?

sandyjsandyj Posts: 628Member
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Another font I've been trying to identify. It looks like curlz but isn't curlz. I don't know if it's just a curlz version or if it's a different font altogether. Any clues?

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  • sewverycreativesewverycreative Posts: 8Member
    I *think* it's a Curlz knock-off, not simply a variation. I think someone came up with their own version and used it on products.

    Even "What the Font" is stumped!! o_O
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  • temoltemol Posts: 24Member
    I think it is called"Boingo" on dafont
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  • iggyloveriggylover Posts: 11,513Moderator

    Excellent call! Looks like you're spot on with that. :)

    Boingo Font at dafont.jpg
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  • sandyjsandyj Posts: 628Member
    Thanks! Apparently I am hopeless at identifying these things, I swear I looked over dafont for hours. Good thing there are font divas here!
    Just MY opinion, your milage will vary.
    Like "Andy" but with an "S"
  • knkloverknklover Posts: 878Member
    Nice font Thanks
  • WandaNana6WandaNana6 Posts: 201Member
    Does anyone happen to know what this font is. I can't seem to find it. Been searching for days and no luck. I love the look of it.
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  • sandyjsandyj Posts: 628Member
    edited October 2011
    Now that one I HAVE seen. I think it is a form of 'dot' font. I'll look and see if I have it.

    Well, I don't seem to have it, sorry. But pruspic is similar.
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    Just MY opinion, your milage will vary.
    Like "Andy" but with an "S"
  • Calgalcr8sCalgalcr8s Posts: 2,623Member

    @WandaNana6, if you cannot find the font, you can make your own. Here is a sample of what you provided. I used the Arial font and just welded circles.

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  • WandaNana6WandaNana6 Posts: 201Member
    Thank you so much for the help Sandyj & Calgalcr8s. I am fairly new to mtc just learning and i do appreciate you telling me the font to use and how to do it with the welding of the circles. I do know how to weld but never thought of picking a font and adding to it. So i really do appreciate you explaining how to do it. That helps alot and was something so simple. After you told me.
  • Liz_ALiz_A Posts: 5,362Member
    You could try Tinker Toy, its similar.
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