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Construction paper/Silhouette?

Rhoda JayneRhoda Jayne Member Posts: 1,640
edited August 2011 in Off Topic
Has anyone tried cutting construction paper with the Silhouette? If so can you tell me what your settings were.
I have access to a better quality construction paper through school so I ordered some to try it out.
I remember seeing a trick that someone had used with cricut mats when they needed to cut construction paper. They covered the sticky part of the mat with some type of paper? I think it was repo?? anyways, the construction paper would stick to the repo & peel off easily. I know it makes a mess out of cricut mats.
What I can't remember is what they put on the mat.
I have a Gazelle & Expression that I could use as well. (I have a buyer for my Expression & I gave my bug away yesterday,lol!)
thanks, Rhoda


  • neldanelda Moderator Posts: 11,637
    I have not cut construction paper yet, but I can see that the paper would leave lots of paper fuzzies behind on th emat. I would probably use repo glue and attach just regular paper to the underside of the construction paper. You could also use something like the post-it-note glue.
    In Indy, blogging along at http://papercraftingwithnelda.blogspot.com/ Lettering Delights affiliate - order through here to give me credit! Cutters: using the the Silhouette SD almost exclusively these days!
  • stars15kstars15k Member Posts: 96
    Good question and great idea! I tried cutting construction paper, I had some and I figured it would give me a bit of a practice cuts before cutting the more expensive stuff. Big mistake! Both my cutting mat and my cut outs were 'fuzzed' and useless. I've used the "paper on the back of my fancy paper" with great success. I used a repo glue marker at the corners and the center and cut with no problem.
  • FranGranFranGran Member Posts: 74
    I cut some Riverside, Super Heavy Weight, 76 lb. basic weight construction paper last week and I didn't have any problems at all. This came form Hobbie Lobbie in the art dept. It looks and feels almost like card stock. Worked great and didn't leave any more on the mat than any other paper.
    I have also cut just regular construcion paper in the past and it did well before. I would not try it on a brand new really sticky mate, one that has been used a while would work much better but I cut it alot.
    Fran in VA
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