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Seamless Tiler Programs

MichelleMyBelleMichelleMyBelle Member Posts: 4,632
edited August 2011 in General
Both are free.
years ago I used this program 20/20, it's great for making seamless tiles. You can download it, link below and there is a little tut on how to use it. You can use your own photos to make a tile, say maybe of a pet, flowers etc. or just a small section of your photo.


Here is another great tut, halfway down starts the 20/20 part of the tut. http://www.don-guitar.com/tiletut.html

I have not used the program below.
Second program: http://www.imagelys.com/index.php and Tutorials: http://www.imagelys.com/doc/html/tutorial/index.html

Thought maybe these would be helpful to someone.
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