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Make The Cut! Version 3.3.3 (Update)

AndyAndy Administrator Posts: 4,579
edited August 2011 in MTC Updates
Make The Cut! Version 3.3.3 has been released!
Version 3.3.3 fixes a couple of bugs that were impeding functionality:
Alpha Trace on Windows XP/Vista has been fixed
MTC Files will show properly if outline-only was selected
SVG Exporting with special characters in layer names will export correctly now
SVG/EPS/PDF exporting will now export dashed lines
Textures will show while moving/scaling when holding the 'D' key

Download 3.3.3: http://www.make-the-cut.com/Download.aspx

Make The Cut! Version 3.3.2 has been released!

We did something differently this time and released it live on a webinar. If you would like to watch the webinar, here is a link: http://vimeo.com/makethecut/mtc330beta

I know a lot of you already know about this version since you have been BETA testing it... this is a list of features for future reference.

Here is a reference of new features:

Your Lettering Delights™ Cut-It™ content available inside the program along with a free set of Cut-Its courtesy of Lettering Delignts™: That's right! You can now access your Lettering Delights stuff from right in side MTC! No matter where you are, what computer you are on.. as long as you have an internet connection, your content is right at your fingertips.


Conical Warp!: Create cupcake wrappers and tumblers with ease! Includes a really cool 3D view. Check it out!

AutoSave: Allows you to select a directory where your files will be periodically backed up to while you are working on them. To enable, go to Help>>Advanced>>Automatic Saving...
Long Layer Names: You can now have long names in your layers view and they won't keep you from clicking on the layer buttons.
New Raster Export: You can now export to PNG or JPG with many cool, new options, including dropshadow, watermarking, clipboard copy and printing.

Hot keys for aligning and spacing: No more having to right-click over and over!
SVG export in layers and colors: You can now export your work in colors and layers in SVG format.
Right click menu in layer properties to send a layers to their own pages: Quickly set up pages in your project.
Dashed Line options: Created dashed shapes as design accents or score lines

Hue,Saturation adjustments for textures: You can now make your textures any color!

Cut/Copy and Paste from KNK Studio: Move your designs from KNKStudio over to MTC with simple clipboard operations.
Import EPS, PS and AI Files version 9 and newer: Title says it all!
Back up shape directory and restore: Moving computers? Easily backup your saved basic shapes and restore with ease.
Import SVGs with colors and layers: Import your SVGs in the color and layers they were created with.
Import multiple SVG files at the same time: Have a set of SVGs you want in MTC? Import them all at once!

View the font names in their own typeface in Font Tab: View your font names in their own typeface in the Text and Font tab
Silhouette (8.5"x12") mat added
Silhouette Regmarks are now automated: No more placing registration marks around your designs. Just turn them on from the File>>Print Options menu item.
Silhouette SD Plug-In pulled from BETA: Now everyone should be able to use it without problems!
Trace has been reworked to be the best trace ever made in the history of the world: Trace by color, by palette, by alpha channel, by threshold... import multiple layers, texturize, etc, etc... the sky is the limit.

Print options updated to turn on/off printing of outlines: Now you can choose to print outlines using the File>>Print Options window.
Basic Shapes dialog has been reworked: Now using a combobox to display categories instead of tabs. Allows for expanding in the near future.
Notes Window allows you to attach and embed files into your projects: Want to show off what you have made with the project? Attach some pictures! You can attach and embed any file into your projects (with the exception of executable code)

Path Thinning: We wern't the first to the Path Thinning (Centerline Trace) party, but I believe we implemented it the best. Check it out in the Shape Magic>>Advanced>>Thin Paths menu (Examples on the main page of http://www.make-the-cut.com and here is a finished project) This feature works great with Amy's Pen Holders!
Shadow Layers can now go up to 1 inch: Previous there was a 1/2" limitation.
Add Text has been updated to allow multi-line, aligned text which previews on the mat as you type: Now you can type out full paragraphs and align them any way you want. Also, it updates your mat as you type.

View shapes on mat with just the outline: Along with viewing shapes with/without outlines, you can now view without fills!
Cutting paths are sorted Right to Left: When cutting, the MTC will sort your cutting paths from right to left. This helps when cutting wider projects.
Jigsaw Puzzle Generator included as separate program: As previously released, you can now generate Jigsaw puzzles in SVG format. (Here is a link to the previous post about this). To access the program, click on your Start menu then go to Programs and find the Make The Cut! section.
Control Key + Arrow Keys does a nudge x20: Need to move a shape around quickly? Hold your control key while using your arrow keys.
Other bug fixes and optimizations: Way too many to list and bore you with...

Download 3.3.3: http://www.make-the-cut.com/Download.aspx

If you would like to donate to Make The Cut, click here!

I don't often test my code... But when I do, I do it in production.
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