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Has Anyone Used TrayColor - or know of another free Color Picking Tool?

CraftyTamiCraftyTami Member Posts: 213
edited June 2011 in Help for Make The Cut
I've used a little bitty tool called TrayColor to help get the numerical value for colors for several years. The program opens up a small box and I usually just click on the "Grab" button and use the eyedropper tool to choose a color I want to replicate from any screen. The tool then returns the numbers I need to know to choose the same color in whatever program I am working in.

I tried to use it tonight - probably for the first time in several months, and it won't work. Instead of letting my eyedropper go wherever I want it to, it opens up a big (full screen) white box and that's the only thing that the eyedropper can land on.

If there are other TrayColor fans here, is the program still working for you?

Does anyone know of a similar tool that can be obtained for free? I found one online, but I am sooooo leery of downloading from unfamiliar sources.

I'm using Windows7 if that matters.




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