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Heat Transfer Vinyl

jlwisejlwise Member Posts: 205
edited June 2011 in General
I really did try to do a search and read through quite a few pages before posting! :)

Where are you guys buying your heat transfer vinyl? Also are there any tips or videos for layering? Is it different than regular vinyl with the exception of mirroring all images? I need to do tshirts for my son in law big fight next month!


  • paupau04paupau04 Member Posts: 4,902
    imprintables warehouse
    h&h signs
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  • gramof8gramof8 Member Posts: 1,266
    edited June 2011
    HTV has a clear backing not paper. When you apply the design it is on top and you peel it it off after the heat has been applied. I believe it protects the vinyl from melting.Temperature should be set for 302 degrees and you apply heat for about 15 seconds, or at least I do. HTV is not any harder to use than regular vinyl.

    When I layer I always use my Teflon sheet on top of the last layer being applied to protect the layer under it. I make sure the whole design is covered. Before I purchased my Teflon sheet, I used a big brown paper sack cut into a nice size piece. It worked very nicely for me if you do not have a Teflon sheet. You can buy the Teflon in the grocery store very reasonably priced where you find the baking pans and such. Hope this helps. You will really enjoy using this type of vinyl. Once you start you will not want to quit. Do you have a hear press? If not you can use an iron , but presses work better. Good Luck and do post your results.
  • jlwisejlwise Member Posts: 205
    Thank guys -- will be getting some soon to try out. Will post pics!
  • ImaCutterImaCutter Member Posts: 3,231

    THANK YOU for reminding me about cutting it in reverse. I was getting ready to cut some for a shirt and probably would have forgotten!!!!! You just saved me some vinyl!
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  • SydneysMomSydneysMom Member Posts: 1,860
    I didn't have a teflon sheet so I just used parchment paper and it worked great!
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  • Express4FunExpress4Fun Member Posts: 523
    I use brown paper grocery bags and my regular iron (NO STEAM), and have also used a black Sharpie marker on one mat that now reads, "MIRROR MIRROR MIRROR MIRROR".
  • hwganghwgang Member Posts: 2,796
    I'm about the take the plunge. I'll do some testing first, but here's the design I pixel traced (a first!). It's the logo for my nephew's garage band. I am somewhat concerned because it is sooooo thin in spots. I don't want distortion. Do I use transfer paper for this? The good news? No need to mirror image since it's symmetrical. All pointers welcomed. Thanks,

    PS, this forum wouldn't allow me to upload the jpeg. It's saying "uploaded file type is not allowed". I've seen tons of pics here. Aren't they jpegs?
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  • Express4FunExpress4Fun Member Posts: 523
    You'll find that HTV weeds a little bit differently than does regular vinyl. It will "grab'L pieces that you would have to grab if using regular vinyl. I find, once you get it started, it actually weeds alot easier!!

    You will NOT need a transfer sheet - stick the shiny side of your HTV down on the mat, MIRROR your image (I'd mirror it anyway...it's a great habit to make/keep), cut, then weed, and you'll see that the sticky-back shiny "cover" will keep the HTV in place while you place it on your tshirt. Be sure to press your tshirt first, to get out any wrinkles. I used to use a ceramic tile under the tshirt, to help conduct the heat of the iron, but now I simple put it on a wooden cutting board, which is placed on my countertop. I then place a piece of brown grocery bag on top of the image, which is sitting on the shirt, press (don't swoosh), and remove the clear covering. Place the brown paper down again, and give it another press (to set the HTV). And you're done....
  • hwganghwgang Member Posts: 2,796
    Thanks, Express....you're not ironing on the cutting mat, though, right? Seems obvious...I just want to be sure.
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  • Express4FunExpress4Fun Member Posts: 523
    Right....I actually salvaged an old pull-out wooden cutting board from our demo'd kitchen cabinets (it's like 28" x24") and I set that on my granite countertop. On top of that, I put a floursack towel (any flat towel would work), place my tshirt on that, then lay the HTV down (shiny side UP when you're adhering it to the shirt), placing the piece of brown paper bag on top of that, then PRESS with the NO-STEAM iron. I press for 8-10 seconds, then lift off the brown paper bag, peel away the clear shiny "coating" from the HTV, and you'll see your image. I then place the brown paper bag right back on top of the image (no clear sheet this time, because you just removed it) and PRESS with the iron again, this time for 5-8 seconds, and that helps to "set" the edges of the HTV. And if you're layering, or have another color, repeat the steps as above.

    I also am sure to include instructions for caring for the item, in that I recommend it be washed inside-out, and dried inside-out, no hotter than MEDIUM heat on the dryer. If it is something that cannot be turned inside-out (towel, blanket, etc), I recommend that they place the item in a pillowcase that zips or have them pin that closed for laundering.

    I hope this helps....you're gonna LOVE HTV!! Tell you LOVE the way it weeds when you get your shirt done....
  • ImaCutterImaCutter Member Posts: 3,231
    Here's a tip for weeding- I use a long sturdy straight pin to pick up the edge of the pieces that need to be removed. It has worked great. I now even use that technique when I am weeding regular vinyl. It also helps to do inside pieces first like the insides of letters like "o."

    Some vinyl does better when the transfer tape is removed hot and some cold. I just test a little corner and if it doesn't remove super easily, I just let it cool more. I use a little more cushion, towel folded over two - three times, to give more cush so when I press down with the iron there is more pressure.

    As you can see the techniques people use can vary, so the whole process is NOT overly scientific. There seems to be some margin of grace.

    I have also found that if you apply the iron directly on the transfer tape, even though it is heat resistant, it will kind of curl and warp. I went ahead and bought a telfon sheet from the bakery section. It looks like a slick fabric. They are sold to even line the bottom of your oven as a spill barrier. I think a few people like Nelda found them pretty inexpensive at Menard's. You might want to keep your eyes open for that. When ironing on the vinyl after the transfer tape has been removed it won't stick to the teflon.!!

    I love HTV. It will get you hooked.
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  • Express4FunExpress4Fun Member Posts: 523
    I also get used picks from my dentist. They have the angled hook at the end, and some even have a little "burr" on the end....that little "burr" helps with HTV, I've found.

    And SO true....HTV is not overly scientific, at all....just addictive!!
  • neldanelda Moderator Posts: 11,637
    If you look at a hardware store for the Teflon sheet, look in the kitchen section. It is the same thing as the no-stick mat that you put in your oven. I got some on sale for the unbelievable low price of $1.99 for a huge mat (like 18"x15"). I have 2 in my oven, one in my toaster oven, one for crafting and gave away the others as gifts to my crafting friends. I use it for gluing as well. the glue dose not stick and it just comes right off.
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  • deonj_21deonj_21 Member Posts: 126
    what is the best type of HTV to get?? are they all about the same or are there some that work better?? thx
  • Express4FunExpress4Fun Member Posts: 523
    I LOVE the Siser Easyweed. In fact, I am placing another order for it on Wednesday. I like the way it weeds, and it holds up GREAT in the laundry. I goofed on a shirt last week, and forgot to weed out a small section. I turned on the hairdryer to HIGH and HOT, and kept blasting it until I was able to lift (very easily!!) the small section. It didn't show that it was ever on the shirt!!

    I hope that helps...
  • deonj_21deonj_21 Member Posts: 126
    awesome that's what I was looking at but having never bought any just wanted some advice! thx!!
  • ImaCutterImaCutter Member Posts: 3,231
    I haven't met a vinyl I didn't like...yet. I try to do a tiny test cut first to check blade depth and how it handle for weeding. Flocking is much thicker and needs a deeper blade depth. I've done some detailed cuts and haven't had anything really screw up yet. I find it addicting!!! I need to pick up more shirts.
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  • Express4FunExpress4Fun Member Posts: 523
    I get my shirts from JiffyShirts.com. GREAT selection, price AND shipping! I buy the Anvil and the Gildan on a very regular basis. (I keep dreaming that they'd put a warehouse right here in my town...that would be SO nice!)
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