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cutting out tiled image

NailnanaNailnana Member Posts: 3
edited June 2011 in Tips and Tricks
I have an image that i tiled all fine, and the first segment 1.1 cut out fine on my cricut even though it was outside the line, but the next tile did not cut out right because it was out of the lines.So I am stumped.Do I need to resize each tile to fit inside the cutable area and then how do I know they will all fit together right? Help me..........LOL


  • TAMinatorTAMinator Member Posts: 2,902
    I've just been playing with it, and yes, you will need to make sure it fits inside the mat cutting area. You will need to change the tile width and tile height in the tiler box. Some of them may show up too high on the mat after it's been tiled but you can move them back into the cutting area. HTH
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  • LyricalLettersLyricalLetters Member Posts: 191
    When I tile stuff I always set the Tile width box to 11 and the Tile Height box to 23 (when using a 12x24 mat) and then I offset X by -0.5 and offset Y by -0.5. This makes the object fit inside the actual cutting area of the mat and it comes out right where it needs to be. Hope that helps! :)
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