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Silhouette™ SD BETA Plug-In Available!

AndyAndy Administrator Posts: 4,579
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Hello All...

We have finished the Silhouette SD Plug-In to the point where you brave BETA testers can have a crack at it!


We are working on releasing MTC 3.3 to add in some Silhouette-only features, such as automated registration mark printing and the 8.5"x11" mat.

You can do print and cut with this version, there is just a little setting up to do. Please see this video:


IMPORTANT: There is an error in my wording when telling you how to cut after you have finished printing... please read this post here.

Please note that all the Print And Cut stuff in this plug-in will be automated with features going in to v3.3.0 of MTC. So, don't let the video scare you away :)

If you just want to cut... give it a shot. It should be pretty painless to set up. Remember to keep the mat in landscape mode to make things easier. Again, we are adding the Silhouette mat into 3.3.0 of MTC, so you will only have to work on the landscaped 12x12 for a little bit longer.

The Silhouette is an extremely accurate cutter. For instance, the cat in the video above has very fine whiskers -- so I thought I would challenge the Silhouette and see if it could cut them.


Not only did it nail the print and cut, all the whiskers are 100% in tact. Truly amazing for a 180$ cutter.

Thanks to Andy Bauer from http://www.thedigistreet.com/ for letting me use his cat illustration in this demo.

Download: http://www.make-the-cut.com/download.aspx
Get your Silhouette SD: Link

Did you all know that Chomas Creations makes a gel pen holder for the SIlhouette, and they have been doing it for almost a year and a half now? (and in 20 colors!) Click here for more information.

Good luck!
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