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Increase Sales???

TamTam Member Posts: 1,523
edited April 2011 in Affiliates
With the decrease in sales since the .... um... issues ... what avenues can be taken to increase the sales for MTC? The buggy users were easy pickin's... the low hanging fruit on the tree of potential sales. I believe all affiliates need to put on their thinking hats to see what we can all do to help increase the sales of MTC.



  • scrappinwithzscrappinwithz Member Posts: 2,717
    I agree Tam. Maybe we can promote the other machines along with how they are working with MTC with permission from the companies. Something along those lines. Tell how well they cut show images on our blogs, ect about how good the other cutters are. There are many people out there that are not aware that there are any other cutters out there other than the bug. Let's get the word out that there are many of a better quality!!!
    My blog: http://www.scrappinwithz.blogspot.com Zenita S.--Dexter, MO-- Cougar!!! affiliate for MTC affiliate for Lettering Delights
  • artsie1artsie1 Member Posts: 1,451
    What I see on here are mainly scrapbooking and card makers; that is not the only thing that MTC has to offer. I for one do not scrapbook or make cards; the files I have download are for grand-children to play with. Not to say I wouldn't like too. There are a lot of other applications that MTC is good for; I for one plan on checking out the rules of some forums I belong to but don't go as often as I do here. If I can do alittle advertising for MTC will do. If I knew how to create a blogspot and all that happy stuff would put their button on my site. I have to learn alot of things at one time and has been difficult;not so much the MTC stuff but the Inkscape and computer stuff. Think out of the box; do people really know what applications that you can use MTC for? Lots of things! Maybe even put the word out to schools across the world; they could save alot of money with this program instead of ordering all the pre-done things you buy. Plus it would give the kids in the schools a chance at learning some art, and different programs like inkscape etc. I know when my kids were in school they would have to make science boards and stuff; a cutting machine could have made their boards awesome. Anyone want to hire me to start selling their products; maybe calling schools etc./demos? :-h
  • nannato6_1nannato6_1 Member Posts: 356
    How about when we go to other peoples blogs and leave a comment that we mention MTC. I know I read the comments left on other blogs.
    We could start flooding you tube with videos of what we make and make sure we tell them what wonderful option they have in different machines and MTC.
    My DIL was just at the CKC convention in St. Charles, Il and said scal was there.
    Be sure to talk to people when your shopping especially at your local scrapbooking stores.
    I would love to have the "I want my MTC" song as a ringtone for my phone!
    I would gladly get rid of "I don't need your rocking chair"!
    Diana from Illinois--Now in Florida!
  • CaseysAngelCaseysAngel Member Posts: 14,967
    edited April 2011
    I agree with the flooding you tube.

    I am also hosting an MTC blog hop the ENTIRE mont of May. More details will be available soon for those who want to join but I'm hoping that will help out a lot as well.
    Christy http://everdaylittlethings.blogspot.com/ Cutters: Craft Robo, Cricut Expression, and the absolute BEST A BLACK CAT COUGAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • pegbat_gmail.compegbat_gmail.com Member Posts: 454
    Schools would be a very good place to advertise MTC. Post a message about it on your schools FB page if they have one or their website. Send a note to the schools directing it to the teachers. I taught preschool for 30 years and I would have loved to have had this capability. My hand is still sore from the many years of scissors. This is an excellent tool for teachers. Just think if they have an image, they can "draw" the image for their kids. I can see some fun with letters or even doing a page with the kids names on it in different fonts. Not just for cutting. These can be printed to a regular printer. Adding different images to match with letter sounds! Almost makes me want to go back to teaching again! How about the cute bulletin boards and name cards. Hit the schools!
  • karen3912karen3912 Banned Posts: 3,182
    I sold a cougar to a high functioning special school. The teachers were about to cut out 3,000 stars to turn the hallway into the sky. After I installed the machine I put in some cardstock covered in stars. When they saw how fast it was they nearly jumped on me and they wouldn't let me go home until I showed them how to cut everything they needed for the month.
    So schools are a great idea. Especially special schools that use a lot of cutouts. If you are a seller just don't expect to make a profit. I couldn't do that and they got lots of extras too. :)
  • StephPStephP Member Posts: 955
    I know my blog is still brand new, but I have almost 100 followers already! I mention MTC almost every time I do a paper crafting post (because I use it all the time) And I did a specific post once linking to Jin's rundown of all the different cutters that work with MTC, since some people have asked what I cut with. My little part to help I guess :)
  • CarmenOCarmenO Member Posts: 1,112
    edited April 2011
    We need the people to remove the cricut videos from you tube and replace or reference them to other cutters that use MTC. and mention the fact that MTC is no longer usable by the cricut
    Gazelle, Cameo
  • SuzanSuzan Member Posts: 820
    My mom is the librarian at our school at church, they have the you know what machine. and they cut constantly for the classrooms, it drives her crazy at times. But lots and lots.
  • pegbat_gmail.compegbat_gmail.com Member Posts: 454
    I am just going to have to create myself a blog! Don't have a clue what to do but it might be fun and then talk about all the features of MTC. Like, pages, layering, tracing, print-n-c, all the svg and graphics I just got free from LD. I could just go on forever! I just have to look into that blog thing!
  • SassycutterSassycutter Member Posts: 340
    We have different groups hold crops for fund raising. If you know of a crop in your area, go and demonstrate your "other" cutting machine with MTC. Have a make and take class using components you have cut using MTC. Our local scrapbook store is usually looking for people to teach classes if they will use supplies you can obtain from their store. Use the local scrapbook store papers, etc. and create a card or scrapbook layout using your "other" cutter and MTC. Live demonstrations and hands on are what sold me!! =D>
    13" Cougar owner
  • bluejeancreationsbluejeancreations Member Posts: 596
    pegbat_gmail.com it is not hard at all to create a blogspot.com blog. You already have a gmail address. Just go to blogger.com and follow the step by step directions. You will be up and running in no time. If you are even a little bit computer savvy you can do it.


    PS Then what you don't know how to do you just as you go along. I would be glad to give you some help, send me a pm here if you get stuck on something.
  • Rhoda JayneRhoda Jayne Member Posts: 1,640
    I passed by the magazine rack this afternoon and happened to think how nice it would be if MTC lovers could band together and place an ad in CK. I'm not sure how much an ad would be in CK. Wouldn't it be a great advertisement for ALL of the cutting machines that work with MTC also? Maybe there could be affiliate listing also.
  • Rhoda JayneRhoda Jayne Member Posts: 1,640
    Sorry for posting, I didn't realize I was in the affiliate area.
  • cajuncajun Member Posts: 375
    I found out about MTC because someone posted about it on sewforum.com and told us of what was happening. So I rushed over and purchased it. So I agree if you belong to other craft forums if its allowed its a great place to post about MTC.
  • MendyRapaCatMendyRapaCat Member Posts: 499
    What about an online MTC magazine, with a donations button for Andy and Ann? I mean a lot of people like just looking at the crafts and it would draw in the lookers.
    I love my 24" Blackcat and my Cameo!
  • minorcustomcraftsminorcustomcrafts Member Posts: 674
    With my new webhost I signed up with I can have unlimited number of domains. I would just have to pay for a domain for a year (9.95). I just have no idea how to do something like that or what it would be called.

    Trisha Now cutting with an 18" Black Cat Cougar minorcustomcrafts.com
  • MendyRapaCatMendyRapaCat Member Posts: 499
    I'm sad :-( to say that I'm not sure either, but I would be happy to help if someone knew how to. I know I can look for hours at designs! It would be a great place for tutorials and quick tips and how to! Or, I could figure it out, if there was enough interest though!
    I love my 24" Blackcat and my Cameo!
  • TamTam Member Posts: 1,523
    These are some great ideas - keep them coming and let's hope Ann and Andy are reading this thread.
  • pegbat_gmail.compegbat_gmail.com Member Posts: 454
    How about donating a copy of MTC to a school library. Individuals can purchase a copy of MTC and donate it to their local school. Then I wonder how many teachers would want to purchase a copy for their own computer. Depending on the cutter they have of course.
  • SassycutterSassycutter Member Posts: 340
    Do any of you go to local fairs, 4-H fair, state fair? How about a demonstration booth at the fair? :-h
    13" Cougar owner
  • Calgalcre8sCalgalcre8s Member Posts: 2,901
    edited April 2011

    Sassy, I was thinking in the same lines as you. Furthermore, every county has an office for the 4H Program under Cooperative Extension. Contact the local 4H Office and set up a time to demonstrate what MTC can do to help the youth with their presentation/demonstration posters, fair signs, community fundraiser signs, etc.

  • surrysignssurrysigns Member Posts: 2
    Start selling the Silhouette SD like I did and keep selling MTC like always did. See me @ surrysigns.com for more information and supplies too.

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