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Cutting a Zebra Print

kcargilekcargile Member Posts: 23
edited March 2011 in Help for Make The Cut
Ok. I need to cut some white vinyl with a zebra texture. Is there a way to do that? Can I cut the textures?
Thanks for the help.


  • CaseysAngelCaseysAngel Member Posts: 14,967
    if you print the texture on the vinyl first you should be able to just cut around it , IE print and cut.
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  • MaxineMaxine Member Posts: 4,009
    hoolabaloo do you have zebra vinyl that you are trying to cut? Or are you wanting to make the white vinyl into zebra. If thats the case you could just cut black zebra stripes and layer then onto the white vinyl. Im not sure what you mean .
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  • kraigmckraigmc Member Posts: 68
    If you are looking to make zebra stripes with the white vinyl on whatever background you are using (shirt, card, wall, etc), here's a file I just did.
    I just google image searched "zebra", copied (right click-Copy) the image, pasted it in MTC (pixel trace button) and Voila.
    You can take the image in photoshop or paint first to fill lettering, or make a shape of course before you MTC-it.
    If you weed away all the solid areas that are cut, you are left with the white stripes for the zebra.
  • kcargilekcargile Member Posts: 23
    Thats great. Let me ask this then. Can I put that on numbers and have it cut in that pattern?
  • KarenPKarenP Member Posts: 4,028
    MY VINYL DESIGNER WWW has some zebra look files to cut....and a sale eight now!
  • K_leeK_lee Member Posts: 6,423
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    wrong post, sorry....
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