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Not a computer person

JcricutJcricut Member Posts: 1
edited December 2009 in Help for Make The Cut
Hello all,
I am not at all a computer at all! Just wanted to get that out there LOL! I want this program but I am a little scared. I have CDS It took me 2 days to down load it! I have alot of Questions please deal with me, I want to know what all are the computer terms. I want to understand like the svg jpeg ect. I know that cut flies are CDS ( can you take those and cut them in MTC software? ) What files are used and cut in MTC? How to convert any file to be able to cut in MTC?
I dont want to get software and not use it . I mostly use the CDS for welding to make words. I would like to make more shape stuff. This is all just crazy cool. But I dont understand it.
I want I really want to know Is there a walking tutorial for me as to downlaoding the software, to getting fonts ect., and how to change the fonts so I can cut them?
Thank you for your Help
Jenny (cricut mb name is JenniferHickman)
PS I have The big E under my tree right now (kids wont let me have it, not fair I know!)


  • TAMinatorTAMinator Member Posts: 2,931
    Well, you can try before you buy so I suggest you download it and play around with it. :) Watch both videos on the home page. You can import several different file types to work with - jpegs, gifs, pngs.... I think they get converted to svg's when you save them, but someone else would have to answer that. No, you cannot import your .cut files.
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  • CricutBuggerCricutBugger Member Posts: 3
    Jenny- I'm right there with you. I only use CDS for welding. I have no other knowledge about the program due to the lack of tutorials, and by the time some started to surface, I gave up on learning CDS anymore. I want to learn this SO badly, but I have no reference to read. At least not all in one place. I watch videos which are excellent, but there's no way that I can repeat anything I have watched. The one video I saw demonstrated how to locate the Superman logo and convert it in less than 5 minutes. I can barely manipulate a svg file! Now, if that video had screen shots and step-by-step info, it would be perfect! (for me, at least)
  • Yeah that was my super hero video. I'm trying to come out with visual and text step by step as I make them. I'll work on that tonight!

    Here are some other tutorials that has Visual and Text. Just click the Read More or you can download the PDF version of the tutorial.


    I hope they help you
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