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MTC Facts and Questions

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Please check this thread for common questions and their answers about MTC. I am closing this per Bryan's instructions but if you have anything to add please do so on the other post located here http://forum.make-the-cut.com/discussion/13687/mtc-facts-and-questions-add-your-suggestions-here.

1.Which cutters work with MTC?

Klic-N-Kut™ Series Cutters
Black Cat Cougar
Black Cat Lynx
Craft Robo
Us Cutters MH-71 and Laser point series
Any cutter that uses HPGL printer drivers
and Many more to come
Cutter comparision chart http://thatsscrapinc.com/ComparisonChartWithBlackCat.htm
****Cutter review is post by Jin on her blog if you need help in choosing a new cutter. Please see her review here http://underacherrytree.blogspot.com/2011/03/mtc-compatible-cutters.html "

2. Is MTC still going to be available for other cutters? Yes

3. Will MTC continue to put out updates for the Cricut ? No

4. Will my MTC continue to work? Yes please see this post for more information http://forum.make-the-cut.com/discussion/13612/yes-the-cricut-does-still-work-with-your-current-mtc/#Item_88.

5. Will MTC work with my cartridges ? NO

6. Can I still purchase MTC for use with my Cricut? No

7. What version of Firmware should I be using
Cricut Create: 1.54
Cricut Personal Cutter: 1.34
Cricut Expression: 2.34/2.35

8. What Version of MTC should I be running? 3.2.1 You can get this from the home page. This is the ONLY version you should have.

9.What file formats work with MTC?

SCUT 1 and 2
PDF vector

10. Can I export as SVG? Yes

11. Does MTC work with Windows 7? Yes

12. Does mtc work on a mac? Yes with parallels

13. Where can I donate to MTC to show my appreciation for the free updates?
Click here to donate to keep Make The Cut! updates free!

14. How can I contact support if I need help? Many of the questions can be answered by past post on the forum. If you still need to contact support you can email them at [email protected]

15. I lost my Registration code. How can I get it back? http://make-the-cut.com/LostRegKey.aspx

16. Does MTC work on a netbook? Yes

17. Can I install MTC on more than one computer? Yes, as long as you don’t run them both at the same.

18. What can I export to?

19. How do I know my copy is registered? Click help/advanced/about make the cut. Make sure your name and email is listed under the EULA

20. I can’t see some of my tool bars . How do I get them back. If you just moved a tool bar and you can’t seem to move it back or if you’ve “lost” one you can simply click view and make sure they are all checked. You can also go back to factory settings by clicking help/advanced/make the cut/reset factory interface

21. My MTC is registered, I am not in trial mode, but I am still getting a cut through my design. What’s wrong? Check to make sure you are not in the no cut zone. This is the shaded area on the edges of the mat. Even the bounding box can not be in this area.

22. Where is Chat located at? You can get to chat by clicking the link in the upper right hand corner of your screen from the make the cut home page or the forum or by clicking here http://client4.addonchat.com/sc.php?id=463640

23. Does mtc have a facebook page? Yes we do!! http://www.facebook.com/MakeTheCut

24. Does mtc have a twitter page? http://twitter.com/TweetTheCut/

25. Where can I find past Webinars? http://forum.make-the-cut.com/discussion/3191/webinar-recordings-updated-282011/#Item_159

26. What is a webinar? Webinars are online classes if you will that are done Every Tuesday night to help everyone learn the program. They are free to join.

27. Where can I find Rob’s beginners Classroom for mtc? http://www.scrappydew.com/mtcclassroom/quickguide/

28. Why won’t my PDF import. It’s blank? Make sure it’s vector. Only vector pdf’s can be imported. If it’s not vector you will need to screen capture it from Adobe and then import it in through pixel trace.

29. How do I import my SVG at the correct size? Click the actual size button in the SVG import window

30. Does the gypsy work with mtc? NO

31. Do I need to purchase the CD when I purchase MTC? No you can always download the current version from the home page just be sure to save your registration number.

32. How come when I add a font throuh the add font button in mtc next time I open my window it’s not there? MTC only temporarily installs the fonts in an effort to keep from bogging down your computer. If you want the font to always be there you need to install it through windows.

33. Can I cut larger than the mat in mtc? Yes IF you have a large format cutter that allows it. Simply make your image the size you need it. MTC will warn you that you are outside of the cutting area. Click okay and cut anyway.

34. Where is the MTC gallery located? From inside the program click File/import/mtc gallery

35. Where can I sign up for the webinars? In an annoucement post at the top of the forum.

36. What size do my images need to be for uploading? Please try and keep images at around 640*480 to keep from bogging down the threads. Most photo software has a “save for web” option. This would be the best

37. Should I be worried about buying any of the other cutters to work with my MTC and something happen they stop it to? NO, Andy has worked specifically along side the Klic-N-Kut, Black Cat Cougar, Gazelle, E Craft, and US cutter companies to GET their machines to work with MTC so there is no fear. The other cutters use printer suport and can be used from any software techincally that you can print from (though I don't suggest it.lol)

38. How do I send a Private Message, PM ,on the message Board? http://forum.make-the-cut.com/discussion/14406/how-to-pm-from-the-forum/#Item_1

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