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Cricut and Fonts/Vinyl

IceBreakerIceBreaker Member Posts: 117
edited March 2011 in General
Was trying to cut on vinyl a font/word (Somewhat fancy, perhaps a script font. perhaps a little thin) for wine glasses. Word was 1" high 3" wide
cuts were very jagged along the curves which was most of the word. Tried playing with depth/pressure/speed (Speed was slow/medium/optimum) for depth i tried
1-4, with varrying pressure at each depth. only thing i noticed was low pressure it wouldnt cut through the vinyl, medium pressure it cut both carrier sheet and vinyl. So i started using multi cuts (3 times) low pressure, for most cuts. Which seemed to cure the cutting the vinyl without cutting carrier sheet. But jagged cuts were still there

regular 45 degree blades. (regular housing)

Tried using the smooth feature in MTC as well.
Was wondering if anyone has had good success cutting this small on vinyl? Or do i need to pick a more blockier/bolder less fancy font? And keep script , hand writing type fonts to much larger projects ? or perhaps i just cant cut this small to begin with?

I should also add i tried 3 blades (All new) and same results. Just odd the wife can cut fancy lace stuff in cardstock yet on something thinner like vinyl, no go.
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  • CindyLouWhoCindyLouWho Member Posts: 250
    Icebreaker, it sounds like something I cut once that had TONS of nodes in it. It sort of looked like someone shook the table while someone was writing. I cut some small lettering with the circut and it did ok, try changing the font & see if that helps. The size you're cutting sounds similar to the sizes I just did & the skinnier type font gave me some problems. Be warned if you're typing a phrase in the future and it has dot dot dot like this... Those little dots can be the death of someone! LOL

  • IceBreakerIceBreaker Member Posts: 117
    Thanks Cindy,
    I'll try looking for something a little thicker and little easier on the node count. Hopefully that will work.

    And yes it looked like the table was being shook, I think it had more jagged edges than it did smooth. If that was the first time i ever used the machine to cut something i think i would have been disappointed with the purchase. Well a new day, time for round 2~ lol
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  • IceBreakerIceBreaker Member Posts: 117
    Attempt number 2 still no go. Even tried a very basic blocky square type font and the straight lines were jagged.

    Loaded up a cart and tried cutting something tiny in detail from the cart and perfect straight clean cuts. Only thing i accomplished today was the right pressure/blade depth etc to not cut through the carrier sheet.
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  • mtmterrellmtmterrell Member Posts: 1
    When cutting vinyl, I read that the Cricut blade assembly needs to be dialed to 6 so as to make what's called a "kiss" cut, where the vinyl is cut but the backing isn't. As far as jagged fonts, there are a few that I haven't been able to use for that very reason. A pretty font that's delicate is "Amienne"
  • cleversomedaycleversomeday Member Posts: 1,183
    This is a known issue when cutting with the Cricut not direct from cartridges. It mostly shows up when using pens or markers, but is evident with vinyl, too. Vinyl has a grain so it might help to rotate your vinyl 90 degrees. If that doesn't help then about the only thing you can do is cut your design larger so the jagginess is less noticeable.
  • IceBreakerIceBreaker Member Posts: 117
    Thank you mtmterrell. Yes that font cuts rather well and looks pretty good. Thank you for sharing.

    cleversomeday- thank you. I ended up changing the font and I also went into the smooth and simplify instead of auto smoothing it. Tweaked quite a bit and increased the size just a little and got improved cuts. Wasnt perfect or exactly what i had planned but in the end it still looked rather well. I also imported some of these fonts into inkscape and spent some time tweaking and smoothing out the word to be cut(fonts) playing with the nodes there. Which seemed to help improve the look of the cuts.
    Rather like how you can copy/paste with ease between the two programs without importing/exporting each time using the clipboard. Made life really easy. Thank you for having that feature MTC :)
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