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Question about cutters and what files they use.

MichelleMyBelleMichelleMyBelle Posts: 4,349Member
edited February 2011 in General
Ok, do must cutters use SVG files? If they don't would you mind listing the cutter and file they use. Has Andy gotten most of the cutters compatible with MTC? Someone has asked me a question about files.

Thanks appreciate it
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  • neldanelda Posts: 11,637Moderator
    Michelle, it is not the cutter per se, it is the software that they use. Each machine has software that tells it how to cut.
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  • MichelleMyBelleMichelleMyBelle Posts: 4,349Member
    oh ok. thanks
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  • debzdebz Posts: 3,304Member
    For example, I use a KNK and the KNK studio software that comes with it. It doesn't import SVGs so I either have to bring them into Inkscape and convert them or I convert them with MTC. MTC also will cut to my KNK (the easier route) so I can do that. But if someone bought a KNK out of the box with its software, you wouldn't be able to convert/open .svg (which is a royal pain, but that's where MTC saves the day)

    The most common files these machines can cut are vector files such as .ai, .pdf (vector ones), .dxf, .svg and then there's another kind called .hpgl among others.

    Then some of them are totally machine specific, like cricut cut files (without MTC of course), and I believe the one that cuts .gsd (is that Wishblade? Not sure).

    anywho, hope that helps.
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  • thatgirl48316thatgirl48316 Posts: 38Member
    Chiming do I get a .cut file from DSS into MTC???
  • pat_indianapat_indiana Posts: 104Member
    edited February 2011
    Deb-1st - I just got MTC last week so if these seem like silly questions please know I'm really green. I have a KNK too. How do I cut from MTC to it? Mine is one of the original KNKs and is hooked up with a serial cord if that matters. Also I'm getting ready to go to a retreat and thought I'd take my expression (since the others are familiar with it & will bring their cartridges) so can I cut KNK files using MTC with that? I've used the KNK software for several years and can do quite a bit with it - do you end up liking MTC better, does it do things the other software doesn't? Thanks.
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  • MichelleMyBelleMichelleMyBelle Posts: 4,349Member
    thanks Deb, great info
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  • juliefesjuliefes Posts: 3,379Member
    .CUT files open only in Cricut Design Studio
    .WPC files open in Funtime, Funtime Lite, FairyCut, Pazzles, Funtime Gazelle, and WinPCSign software.
    .GSD files open primarily in Robomaster, Wishblade, Silhouette Robomaster, Silhouette Studio, and some open in KNK Studio GE.
    .SVG files open in Inkscape, Illustrator, CorelDraw, and import into eCraftShopPro, SCAL and MTC.
    .AI files open in Illustrator, CorelDraw, and version8 or lower import into Inkscape, Funtime, Funtime Lite, FairyCut, Pazzles, Funtime Gazelle, WinPCSign, Create and Cut, and KNK Studio
    .AI files version 9 or higher may import into Inkscape, and open in CorelDraw and Illustrator.
    Vector PDF files import into MTC, SCAL2, Funtime 2010, FairyCut, Inkscape, CorelDraw, and KNK Studio, and open in Illustrator
    .DXF files import into Robomaster, Inkscape, Funtime, Funtime Lite, FairyCut, Pazzles, Funtime Gazelle and WinPCSign.
    .studio files open in Silhouette Studio.
    .CRW files open in eCraftShop Pro software.
    .FS files open in Create and Cut software for use on Wishblades
    . SCUT and SCUT2 files open in SCAL, and some import into MTC
    .MTC files open in Make The Cut software.
    .PLT files import into Funtime, Pazzles, FairyCut, WinPCSign, Roland software, Illustrator
    .CDR are CorelDraw files.
    .EPS files open in Illustrator and CorelDraw. Some import into other programs, but not always.

    There are other cuttable vector file formats than those listed above, but these are the most common file types used with cutters by home crafters.

    There are other raster (picture) file formats that can be imported and traced in a number of software programs such as Make The Cut, SCAL, Illustrator, Inkscape, CorelDraw, Robomaster, Funtime, Pazzles, FairyCut, Funtime Gazelle, KNK Studio,

    There are tutorials posted here: Conversion Techniques/
    for converting most of these file formats from one type to another.
    There is a tutorial posted that will help you learn to capture any image on your screen, regardless of the program used, then you can use MTC pixel trace to bring it into MTC.

    Software used by different cutters:
    Cricut: MTC, SCAL, FairyCut
    Gazelle: MTC, Funtime Gazelle, Illustrator, CorelDraw
    Pazzles Inspiration: Pazzles Inspiration Studio
    Pazzles Mini, Mighty, Pro: Funtime 2010, Pazzles 2007, WinPCSign
    Craft Robo, Silhouette: MTC, funtime, Robomaster, Illustrator, CorelDraw, Silhouette Studio
    Wishblade: MTC, Funtime, Illustrator, CorelDraw, Create & Cut
    KNK: MTC, KNK Studio or KNK GE, Funtime
    Cougar: MTC, SignCut, Funtime
    Roland: MTC, Roland software

    I am sure I have missed some.
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  • MichelleMyBelleMichelleMyBelle Posts: 4,349Member
    Julie, thank you for the info also. Appreciate it.
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  • mommahobbitmommahobbit Posts: 3,022Member
    Thank you Julie for the great information.
  • thatgirl48316thatgirl48316 Posts: 38Member
    Soooo is there no way to open a DSS .cut file in MTC?
  • rachellann_ID714rachellann_ID714 Posts: 10,251Banned
    Soooo is there no way to open a DSS .cut file in MTC?
    nope or for that matter any other software except DSS. you can have a look at conicuts site ahe has some infor but the files you do the work around with are for you own personal use and can not be shared.

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  • Deebi27Deebi27 Posts: 2Member
    Julie, thanks so much for your listing! How much changes with the impact mess between Cricut and MTC?
  • luvdababsehluvdababseh Posts: 107Member
    That is an awesome amount of info Julie thank you!!!!!
  • SuzanSuzan Posts: 819Member
  • jobabjobab Posts: 122Member
    Thankyou for such a comprehensive list.
    If you use signcut with the Blackcat cutters there is also a plugin that allows you to cut from illustrator and coreldraw as well as inkscape.
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  • SherriSherri Posts: 736Member are a walking encyclopedia for the cutting world! What would we do without you? :-)
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  • paupau04paupau04 Posts: 4,773Member
    Great post Julie
    Who's sorry now?...Hell hath no fury as a crafter scorned!!!
  • nannato6_1nannato6_1 Posts: 356Member
    Thanks Julie
    That is very informative, and I saved it to my computer.
    Diana from Illinois--Now in Florida!
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