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I have a plan how to increase the sales of MTC. Need permission

JegaJega Member Posts: 323
edited February 2011 in Affiliates
I have a question about what I can do to populate encourage the purchase of MTC.
Is it ok if I do a demonstration of MTC at a local crop ? I know it is a silly questions but better safe than sorry. So IF (and that is a big if) I can get permission from the local crop can I give a demonstration of the functionalities and mayb a couple of Julie's tuts. It is a completely french community and they would need this in French. Would Julie or anybody out there with tuts mind if I translated some of the prints and videos? That is .... when I have time. TIA I will wait for an answer before approching the owner of the store. I think she will be a harder sell than you guys LOL
Jega www.carterieplus.com


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