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Make The Cut 3.2.0 Released

AndyAndy Administrator Posts: 4,579
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Hi Everyone!

We have been testing 3.1.0 a bunch and found some bugs, so we fixed them and have skipped releasing 3.1.0 and are just going to release 3.2.0.

IMPORTANT: If you are not using 3.0.0 yet, please read this post about all the new things that have been added to 3.0.0:

(Since all updates of Make The Cut! are free, a few customers who have previously purchased Make The Cut! have requested for a way to donate. Click here to donate!)

What's new from version 3.0.0 to 3.2.0:

The big modifications include:

Cutting Machine "Plug-ins": All cutting machines have been removed from Make The Cut! and have been exported in to what we call "Plug-ins" This allows us to fix/update issues with current machines very easily. This also allows us to modify and add cutting machines quickly to Make The Cut! without having to put out a whole new version of MTC. This doesn't really affect a lot of people as MTC will still function exactly how it did in previous versions.

Mat Orientation: The debate is over! You can now rotate the mat to Landscape or Portrait mode.

Wrap objects to any path: You can now take objects that are selected and wrap them around any object on the mat by selecting the objects, holding the CONTROL key and then click-drag to the object. There are options to repeat/duplicate the sequence of shapes. Here is a quick tutorial on how to use it: http://screenr.com/TlL

Open Type Fonts: You can now use OTF fonts in MTC just as you did with TTF.

Basic Shapes Update: There are now over 130 basic shapes included with MTC. There is also an option to "Find" a basic shape by using the Find tab. When you export a shape to your Basic Shapes, MTC will now save the layers/colors.

Tiler: Did you know you could cut out shapes larger than 12x24? The trick is to split the shapes in to smaller tiles using Boolean Join's Intersection. It can be a tad cumbersome so we created a tool in the Shape Magic>>Advanced>>Tiler menu.

USCutter MH/Refine/LaserPoint Series Plug-in Added: You can now cut to your USCutters MH/Refine/LaserPoint cutters from within MTC ( http://www.uscutter.com )

Cricut now uses actual Serial/COM connection: Instead of talking directly to the FTDI drivers, we now have the Cricut Plug-In using Window's Serial/COM interface to communicate. This allows MTC to run from systems such as WINE or CrossOver on Linux and (Intel) Mac and also allow MTC to cut to your Cricut from within those environments. Basically, you can now use your Cricut if you are on a Linux-type machine!
You will need the latest and greatest Cricut firmware on your Cricut for the new "Serial Communication" option to work:
Cricut Create: 1.54
Cricut Personal Cutter: 1.34
Cricut Expression: 2.34
To get the latest firmware on to your Cricut, you need to download Cricut DesignStudio and initiate the firmware update by running Design Studio and selecting the Help menu item... then select Update Cricut Firmware. You will be all set then!

Cricut cutting speed increase: The speed in which the Cricut machine will cut should be much greater and accurate compared to previous versions. Again, you need the latest Cricut firmware in order for the speed increase to work properly.

The smaller modifications include:

Spacebar-Click/Drag Mat Move: You can now move around the mat without having to use the scroll bars. If you hold your Spacebar and then click anywhere on the mat, simply moving the mouse will move the mat.

New Shape Magic Toolbar Icons: Bigger and more voluptuous!

Ability to limit Undo History: If you are having memory problems, you can limit the amount of undos MTC will store in memory. Currently it's unlimited, but, you can adjust this in Help>>Advanced>>Limit Undo Size

Cutter Auto-Key: You can now use the blue scissor icon to cut to your favorite machine (or use Ctrl+Shift+C). To set this up, just go to "Cut project with..." menu item and select your cutter.

Scale Textures to 300%: You can now scale textures up to 300% larger. If you need them larger than 300%, it is suggested that you use a Raster editor such as MSPaint to resample your image larger.

Texture offset saved after break/split/layer: When you break/split/layer a shape which has a texture, the child/sibling shapes will keep the offset at which the texture was laying.

Duplicate Fix: You can now duplicate multi-layered selections

Rhinestone Preview Count: MTC will show you how many rhinestones were generated when previewing

Cut inside shapes first: MTC will now cut the inside shapes of a project before cutting the outside shapes.

SVG Layers Import Correctly: When you import SVGs that have layers, the layers will import in the correct order.

Open Paths Display: Open paths will now display correctly on the virtual mat.

Custom Colors: Custom colors are now saved to project files so you won't lose them if you close a project and re-open the same project.

Large Preview PDF: You can now view a large preview in the Import Vector PDF dialog before actually importing.

Bug fixes: Tons and tons of bug fixes and there will be tons more before the day is over.


(updated to "Release" status on 12/16/2010, please download/install this version even if you have 3.2.0 Beta)

Ann and Andy

P.S. I would like to give a shout-out to @SBryanW Without him we wouldn't have figured out how to get MTC to work properly via Serial connection to the Cricut. He spent literally hours upon hours testing things for us. Be sure to give him a big hug if you ever see him in real life.
Thanks to all the other 3.1.0 beta testers as well -- The feedback was mighty helpful!
I don't often test my code... But when I do, I do it in production.
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