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sure cuts a lot or make the cut?

martymarty Member Posts: 3
edited December 2010 in General
Anyone know the differences or have an opinion on which software to buy?


  • jtrranchesjtrranches Member Posts: 2,631
    SCAL was too hard for me to figure out. I vote for MTC largely in part that there are alot of tutorials out there.
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  • Angel135612Angel135612 Member Posts: 4,246
    If you ask this question here, every one is going to tell you to purchase MTC.

    I purchased SCAL before MTC was even around. I didn't use it much, but when they came out with an upgrade, I looked around and started hearing about MTC. I downloaded the trial, and played around with it, and decided I liked MTC better. When I found out that I never had to pay for upgrades again with MTC, that made my decision for me. I purchased it and never looked back. The program has been out for almost a year, and they are about to release a new version, and it just keeps getting better and better.
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  • judyx1343judyx1343 Member Posts: 683
    I don't know the difference. I would recomend make the cut to everyone. I am just a basic person, there are so many features that I don't use but I can grow into them and it doesn't cost once you purchase it. Upgrades are free and the ppl on this forum are AWESOME.
  • neldanelda Moderator Posts: 11,637
    From a cost stand point, MTC is the sure winner - it is less $$ to begin with and there is NEVER another charge. All the updates and upgrades are free (you have to pay for the new versions of SCAL).

    MTC also has an easier user-interface and is easier to use. It is also constantly improving. Easy to learn yet also lets you do a lot. The one thing it cannot do (yet) is node editing, but that is probably coming soon as well.

    You are asking in the MTC forum, so you will get almost all positive comments here. The trial download is fully functional, so download it and start playing. The only thing it does is cut a diagonal line through the final cut, but you can still see what it does. (I think the SCAL trial is only good for 30 days but the MTC is unlimited).

    The newer version 3.0.0 Beta has more features, try starting with it. It is available in the sticky Announcement at the top of the forum.

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  • AlyssaLeanneAlyssaLeanne Member Posts: 727
    The biggest selling points for me before I even knew anything about the program were:

    1. User friendly, after downloading both trial versions I found SCAL to be confusing while I could figure out many things with MTC on my own

    2. Free upgrades ALWAYS. The fact that Andy is continually making amazing upgrades at no cost to us is a huge winner for me. Now with the beta we can even do print and cut. Its like upgrading my little cricut to an imagine for free, not to mention the freedom of no cartridges.

    Now that I've been using MTC I would never ever go to another program, but since I never purchased SCAL I suppose my opinion is biased. However, I do believe that I made the right choice in every way, shape, and form :)

    And the amazing MTC family here on the forum is just a bonus ;)
  • martymarty Member Posts: 3
    Thank you to all! I have played around with the MTC trial and it is almost too easy to believe. Think I've made my decision and will make my MTC purchase tonight.

  • jtrranchesjtrranches Member Posts: 2,631
    You won't regret it Marty, that I promise. Ask any questions you have. We are all willing to help here.
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  • DarleneIDarleneI Member Posts: 2,742
    You decided to buy without my opinion Marty! I only have good things to say about this program. I have both SCAL and MTC and rarely open SCAL unless I want to look or try a SCUT file and even some of those open in MTC from what I've heard. I open and play with making files or transferring files to MTC almost every day. Everytime Andy puts out a new update it is like Christmas around here. We are all on pins and needles waiting now for another Free upgrade. Andy tries his best to work out all the kinks so it makes it easy for all of us to use. There is not another program out there that cuts on most of the cutting machines out there. This means if you are lucky enough to upgrade to one of the better cutting machines like Cougar you don't have to learn a whole new program. You can design in Illustrator or Inkscape and paste from those programs into MTC. It is very user friendly. OK..aren't you glad your ordered! Darlene
  • paupau04paupau04 Member Posts: 4,902
    I own both and only use MTC these days. Biggest selling point fir me is the fact that it can be used with a variety of cutters, so as my needs (or should I say wants) change I can use my files with other cutters, by exporting/saving in various format. With MTC you can also cut directly to a variety of cutters, (Andy is consistantly working to make the software compatible with differt machines). At the moment I have 4 different cutters, MTC works with all, SCAL only with the Cricut.
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  • AndyAndy Administrator Posts: 4,579
    You should get it because it's simply spiffy software!
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  • kathybesseykathybessey Member Posts: 634
    Spiffy? LOL Andy it's more than spiffy -- It is splendiforous! It is Magnifico! It is "da bomb" :) Marty - no matter what words we come up with to top Andy's "spiffy" all I can tell you is that you won't be sorry. And besides, where can you get on a forum one day and have an extended family within a couple of hours and get to chat directly with the creator of the software? :)
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